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Activision bans over 500,000 players and issues a new Code of Conduct

When it comes to toxicity, Call of Duty's multiplayer ranks as one of the top games. COD's toxicity has become an issue not just recently, but can be traced back as far as Modern Warfare 2 (2009) and Black Ops 1 days. If you've been around since Modern Warfare 2 (2009), you must be familiar with the abusive COD lobbies that were largely popularized through memes over the internet.

While it was common back then for gamers to have "thick skin," that won't cut it in today's gaming industry, with publishers forcing everyone to take everything down a notch to ensure everyone feels welcomed towards the Call of Duty franchise and gaming as a whole.

Activision has been making some serious moves to ensure everyone feels safe when gaming online. Activision recently confirmed in a tweet that they had banned over 500,000 Call of Duty players for their toxic and unacceptable behavior. This includes being abusive, calling slurs, using offensive usernames, and even offensive calling cards.

With a dedicated anti-toxicity team, Activision has also forced over 300,000 accounts to rename since they launched their automated filtering system. In addition, the company has also added a total of 14 languages to detect offensive content in-game. This includes text-based chats and username creation moderation.

As per Activision, it has observed a 55% drop in the number of offensive username and clan tag reports from the player base over the last few years. As part of an ongoing effort to create a safe space for everyone, Call of Duty has launched a new unified Code of Conduct for every Call of Duty game moving forward. The following are the three main values of the code:

  • Treat Everyone With Respect: We do not tolerate bullying or harassment, including derogatory comments based on race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, culture, faith, mental or physical abilities, or country of origin.
  • Compete With Integrity: You are responsible for how your account is used. The use of cheats, including third-party software, is unacceptable. Exploiting bugs or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.
  • Stay Vigilant: To promote an enjoyable gameplay experience, utilize in-game tools to report any incidents or inappropriate behaviors you encounter.

As part of the initiative, starting from Modern Warfare 2 beta this weekend, players will be presented and asked to acknowledge the new Code of Conduct in-game. It's still long before we can complete eliminate toxicity from online games, but Call of Duty has taken a step in the right direction.


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Hassan Sajid

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