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Activision Blizzard unveils Call of Duty: Next event

If you're excited to find out more about the future of Call of Duty, we've got you covered. Or, rather, Activision Blizzard does. The publisher has a special livestream event planned for all Call of Duty fans.

The future of Call of Duty will be revealed on September 15.

Activision revealed the "era-defining franchise event", Call of Duty: Next, at the Call of Duty League Championship match on Sunday, August 7. The showcase will be on September 15 and will feature everything there is to know about Call of Duty.

We're talking about Modern Warfare 2, specifically, its multiplayer component, as well as Warzone 2 and even Warzone Mobile. Activision might even throw in a glimpse or two of the next Call of Duty game or the speculated premium DLC for Modern Warfare 2 next year.

Regardless of what happens on September 15, if you're a Call of Duty, you should be there to watch it.

We're hoping that Activision Blizzard turns Call of Duty: Next into an actual spectacle.

In addition to Call of Duty: Next, Activision Blizzard also revealed that the Modern Warfare 2 beta will kick off the very next day on September 16 to PlayStation players.

If you pre-ordered MW2, you'll be able to play the game before anyone else from September 16-18. Afterward, all PS4 and PS5 owners will be able to play MW2 multiplayer for free from September 18-20 as part of the game's beta test. Finally, Xbox and PC players who got early access to MW2 can get in on the fun from September 22-23 followed by the multi-platform beta period from September 24-26.

Activision also gave away early access keys to the MW2 beta to reward players who tuned in to the Championship match between the Los Angeles Thieves and Atlanta FaZe. Keep an eye out for more "Early Access Beta Code drops" on September 15.


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