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Activision claims that Ricochet is working against Call of Duty cheaters

Activision has some bad news for Call of Duty cheaters: Ricochet is working and it's having fun.

After hyping Ricochet as the next big thing, Activision Blizzard is claiming that the hype was all worth it.

The controversial publisher implemented its latest anti-cheat program in December 2021 to much excitement. Although Vanguard wasn't the most well-received entry in the Call of Duty franchise, the game still enjoyed a healthy enough player base for Ricochet to make its mark. Nearly half a year later, this is exactly what Ricochet has done.

According to Activision, the software has banned more than 180,000 players across Vanguard and Warzone since late April. More importantly, Ricochet is letting Activision annoy the living hell out of cheaters so that they leave Call of Duty on their own.

As Activision explained in a recent blog post, Ricochet doesn't ban cheaters outright. Instead, the team lets cheaters stay in Call of Duty to study their behavior and see how they react when they take away their weapons, make everyone else go invisible, or make them do less damage or none at all.


Banning cheaters is a thankless cheap. We're happy to see that the Ricochet team is enjoying the few moments where it can fire back against cheaters who are ruining Call of Duty.

With several features and anti-cheat measures in place, Activision is hopeful for the future of Call of Duty. Unfortunately, it is aware that its efforts are not always enough. Even after putting its best foot forward, the most that Activision can do is to minimize cheating in Call of Duty - not ban it outright. But, it is nice to know that Activision is seeing the fun out of policing Call of Duty as it has made it its "somewhat secret mission to any as many cheaters" as possible.

The good news here is that Ricochet is only going to get better. It's only been six months and Activision is already seeing positive results. The program should improve once it's implemented to Modern Warfare 2 in October and Warzone 2 soon after.


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