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All Aethereal Orbs Locations In The Outbreak Mode (All Regions)

Note that we are constantly updating this guide. If we have missed any locations, feel free to comment below and we will try our best to include it in our guide.

In the Outbreak mode of Zombies there are three regions: Ruka, Alpine, Golova, and Sanatorium. Ruka, Alpine, and Sanatorium are the three maps imported from the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb multiplayer game mode, while Golova is a brand new map specifically for the Outbreak Zombies mode.


You can find Aethereal Orbs in all three regions. These orbs are a side-easter egg and reward you with a hefty amount of essence (points) early in the game (or later).

These orbs spawn in each region at specific locations, but the spawn order is always random. The locations are always the same though - there are three spawn locations in each region for the orb to spawn.

When you shoot the orb, it flies away to a new location. You must follow the orb and reshoot it for it to fly away once again. When you shoot the orb for the third and final time, it will be destroyed, and you will get legendary loot, including high-tier weapons, scorestreaks, and even free random perks!

You get points at each orb stop and receive quite a handsome amount just by shooting the orb when following it to its final destination.

The locations of these orbs are not indicated on your Outbreak map. And the orbs do not show up on your mini-map (and the regular map) until or unless you are close to the Aethereal orb.

Another point worth noting is that you only get one orb spawn per difficulty level or round. For instance, if you found one orb spawn on Difficulty Level 1 on Ruka, you will then only find the next one in the next region or Difficulty Level 2, and so on.

Multiple orbs cannot spawn in any region.

In this guide, we show you the locations of all the orbs in all the regions. We also have a video guide showcasing the orbs' locations and their path until the final location, in case you miss them while following.

Video Guide


The following are the three locations in the Ruka region.

Orb #1

The first orb can spawn inside the covered bridge located to the west of the Train Trestle.

Orb #2

The second orb can be located in the middle of the Ruka region at the obstacle course.

There will be a sniper tower at the western end-corner of the obstacle course, inside which you will find the orb. Climb up to the first level to shoot the orb.

Orb #3

The third orb is found at the Cargo Platform area at the end of the Train Trestle located at the very eastern end of the Ruka region. Climb up the cabin to find the orb.


The following are the four locations in the Golova region.

Orb #1

The first orb is found at the top of the church located at the southernmost section of the Golova region.

Head inside the church, and you will find a scaffolding with a set of ladders leading you to the roof of the church.

As soon as you reach the top of the church, you will see the orb at the top. You don't have to leave the church through any of the windows as the orb will be inside and on a wooden platform supported by the scaffolding.

Orb #2

The second orb is found in the Upper Farmstead area in an elevated building next to some big tanks.

Orb #3

The third orb is located in the middle of the Golova region.

You will find the orb on top of one of the buildings with a red roof in the Rural Houses area. There will be a couple of ambulances by the building as well.

Climb up to the roof by first climbing on either one of the ambulances. We recommend the one at the back (southern side of the house). Once you're at the top, you will see the orb. You can also use one of the jump pads located around the map to reach the top of this building.

Orb #4

The fourth orb is located in an open shed in the area of the rural houses.

The open shed is next to a small blue house.

Orb #5

The fifth orb is found inside a small house located in the lower houses area.

You will find the orb inside the isolated green-colored house located on the opposite side of the two big houses.


The following are the three orb locations in the Alpine region.

Orb #1

The first orb is found inside of a house in the middle of the Alpine region. It will be in the Ski Patrol area. You are looking for a big orange house.

Go upstairs, and you will find the orb by the window.

Orb #2

The second orb spawn location is next to the Ski Lift at the very base level or bottom level of Alpine. You will find the orb on top of one of the bathroom huts called 'Base Services.' This name will show up next to your mini-map for easier navigation.

Orb #3

The third orb is found on the second floor of the Hilltop Services building by the windows.

The Hilltop Services building is located in the eastern part of the Alpine region.

Orb #4

The fourth orb is in the southern section of the Alpine region on a steep cliff called the 'Dead Man's Cliff.'

Orb #5

The fifth orb is found by the rappel at the 'Cliff-Side Road' located in the northeastern part of the Alpine region.


The following are the orb locations found in Sanatorium.

Orb #1

The first orb location is the Sanatorium Pool. You will find the orb underwater in the middle of the pool.

You need to dive underwater shoot the orb.

Orb #2

The second orb location is inside one of the vacation houses in the southeastern part of the Sanatorium region.

Go to the first floor of the house, and the orb will be floating by the window.

Orb #3

You can find the orb at the bus stand right in front of the main Sanatorium entry plaza.

Orb #4

The fourth orb can be found at Market Square near the southwestern border of the Sanatorium region.

The orb will be on the roof of the middle yellow building.

Orb #5

The fifth orb can be found in the Maintenance area in the northwestern corner of the map.


The following five orb locations are found in the Duga region.

Orb #1

The first orb can be found at the Bus Depot located near the southern edge of the Duga region border.

Orb #2

The second orb is found in a small office building located in the Research Services area near the eastern part of the Duga region.

Orb #3

The third orb can be found on top of the sign at the main base entrance.

Orb #4

The fourth orb can be found on top of the chemical processing building located in the northern part of the region.

Orb #5

The final orb is found inside the main office in one of the office buildings located at the Radar Control area.


The following are the five spawn locations found in the Zoo region.

Orb #1

The first orb can be found on top of one of the buildings at Office Park.

Orb #2

The second orb can be found inside the backyard bathroom of one of the cottages in the northeastern part of the region.

Orb #3

The third orb location is on top of the Gas Station.

Orb #4

The fourth orb is found inside a small building in the Zoo facilities area.

Orb #5

The final orb location is in the middle of the train tracks in the Zoo Plaza. Note that the orb image shown below is an edited image of an orb placed in the exact same spot where the actual orb spawns. We had to edit as we couldn't get it to spawn, but it is guaranteed one of the spawn locations.

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  1. I have found a 4th orb spawn in a standalone green house opposite a road with other houses, in the upper central section on Golova. My twitter is trivial_kid for pictures and a video of the orb

  2. Sanatorium:
    Entry plaza. Right in the front of the entrance of the administration building. In something that resembles of an open bus shed with a triangular shape.

  3. Sanatorium: Maintenance, in the building with the jump pad on the roof. Inside the building, in the room under the plateau where the stair leads.

    1. Hi Varun.

      Sometimes they don't spawn at all. If that happens, play through one round and then try again. You will surely find one!

  4. Does the orb time out after you to shoot the first orb but wait a minute or two to shoot the second orb?

    1. Hi Nathan!

      Yes, it does. You have roughly 30 seconds to shoot the second orb before it disappears! The 30 seconds timer only starts once the orb reaches the second location and stops moving.