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All Intel Locations On Mauer Der Toten - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

After the Outbreak prologue easter egg, we continue the Dark Aether story in Mauer Der Toten. Mauer Der Toten has a lot to offer in terms of story content and the main easter egg.

Mauer Der Toten contains 48 new Intel, which are spread all over the map. Some of these Intel have fixed locations, while some can only be obtained by killing the elite zombies such as the Disciples and Krasny Soldat. You can also collect some Intel by doing the trials from the trial computer located on West Berlin Street.

The Intel helps you understand the Dark Aether story in detail from the perspective of the four central "teams" involved in the story: Requiem, Omega, Maxis, and Dark Aether. Below, we have listed the locations of all the Intel and how you can obtain them. Although there are four teams, you only have Intel for Requiem, Omega, and Maxis on Mauer Der Toten.

Mauer Der Toten was introduced in Season 4 Reloaded, where the Intel hunting begins for you. We will update the article with more Intel in case any more are added in the future seasons.


If you haven't already collected the Intel on other maps such as Firebase Z and Die Maschine, then do so as you won't be able to collect the radio transmissions for some if you haven't collected the previous radio transmissions. Don't forget to collect the Intel on Outbreak too.

Season 4 Reloaded



  • Robotic Hands: You can find the Robotic Hands on Agent Jack's corpse inside the barricaded door which can be opened by turning a zombie near the barricaded door using brain rot ammo mod. The barricaded door is in Hotel Room 305. Feel free to check out our Free Wonder Weapon or Building Klaus guide to learn more about getting the Robotic Hands.

  • CRBR-S: The wonder weapon CRBR-S is one of Requiem's artifacts and can be obtained in several ways. You can get it from a mystery box, by completing trials, or by doing the free wonder weapon easter egg.

  • Hacking Helm: The hacking helm is crafted on Klaus by collecting three headgear pieces as part of the main easter egg quest on Mauer Der Toten. Check out our main easter egg guide on how to acquire the pieces and craft the hacking helm on Klaus.

  • Rico's Keycard: This is found on a train stopped by Klaus as part of the main easter egg quest.

  • Warhead: The warhead is also found on the train during the train step as part of the main easter egg quest.

  • Improvised Collider: This is found during the Uranium and Disruptor Satellite step as part of the main easter egg quest.

Audio Logs

  • "Lost in Transit": You can find this audio log on the Ghost Station platform at the base of the pillar right in front of the mule kick perk machine.

  • "Who's Laughing Now?": The audio log is found on the table inside the CIA Safe House where you build Klaus.

  • "A Handful": This is found on a wardrobe inside the barricaded door in Hotel Room 305.

    You can get the door open by turning a zombie near the door using brain rot ammo mod.

  • "Bad Days": This audio log is found inside a locker located in the CIA Safe House. The audio log only shows up once you've built Klaus. Feel free to check our dedicated guide on how to build Klaus and fully upgrade him.

  • "Final Order": The audio log is found inside the Secret Lab which is found as part of the main easter egg.


The first four documents are acquired as part of the main easter egg quest on Mauer Der Toten, and the rest can be collected by killing the elite zombies such as the Disciples and the Krasny Soldat.

  • Rico's Note: Rico's Note can be collected from the train during the train step of the main easter egg.

  • The next three documents are acquired during the disruptor satellite step, where you interact with the computer in the CIA safe house and browse through the files.

    Each file you get will be added as a document.

    You will get the following documents from the computer:

  • Subject: Strange Communique
  • Subject: Urgent
  • J Cipher 2
  • As mentioned before, the rest of the documents are randomly dropped by the elite zombies (Disciples & Krasny Soldats).

  • CRBR-S Blueprint
  • Klaus Blueprint
  • Berlin Outbreak Report
  • EE-1 Harvester Blueprint
  • EE-1 Conversion Blueprint
  • Vogel's Letter



  • Battery: You can get this battery by killing the elite zombie, Krasny Soldat, on round 10. The battery is used to build Klaus.

  • Endstation Lure: This is found in the Secret Lab and used to capture the Tempests' essence during the main easter egg quest.

Audio Logs

  • "A Decent Proposal": This is found by the entrance to the Secret Lab in the Sewer Access.

  • "The Letter": You can find it in the Blasted Suite on West Berlin Street. It is the building with the Der Dozent neon sign and you can use the rope to rappel up to the suite.

  • "The Turn": This audio log is on top of one of the security watchtowers at Checkpoint Charlie.

    Shoot the audio log and it will fall. Go to the audio log to collect it.


The Omega documents are also collected the same way as any other document on Mauer Der Toten - by killing the elites. You need to eliminate the elite zombies like the Disciples or Soldat Krasny. These zombies, when killed, will have a chance to drop the document.

The following are all the Omega documents you can collect on Mauer Der Toten:

  • Operation Baldr Approval
  • Angelika Vogel Summary
  • Valentina Diary 15-07-83
  • LT53 Kazimir Blueprint
  • Statement of Intent
  • F Cipher

Radio Transmissions

You can collect all Omega radio transmission by interacting with the radio in the Military Tent on East Berlin Street.

You can only collect one radio transmission per game. So it is best to collect one and restart the game to collect the next one.

The following are all the Omega radio transmissions you can get:

  • 5-Star Treatment
  • Secrets Harbored
  • Not For Me
  • Leverage
  • Your Problem Now

Dark Aether

As always, the Dark Aether Documents, Audio Logs and Radio Transmissions are all collected by completing the trials from the trial computer. Whenever you see a folder on the trial computer screen, it means you will get an Intel upon the completion of the trial.

Whenever an Intel becomes available to collect, you will get a message "Reward Available: Intel" on your screen.

Artifacts are collected separately in-game.


  • Electrical Fuse: This is found when you kill a Tempest in the early rounds working your way towards turning on the power.

  • Tempest Essence: This is collected during the harvester step of the main easter egg quest.

  • Corrupted Uranium: This is acquired when you pick up the corrupted uranium rock during the uranium step of the main easter egg quest.

  • Audio Logs

    There are three audio logs for Dark Aether and they are as follows:

    • Lost Souls: Valentina 1
    • Lost Souls: Valentina 2
    • Lost Souls: Valentina 3


    You can collect three documents for dark aether, which are as follows:

    • Day 4,527
    • Day 4,771
    • Day 5,169

    Radio Transmissions

    There are two dark aether radio transmissions which are as follows:

    • The Forsaken
    • Consumed

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  1. Hi Hassan,

    Love the site! It is my go-to for all things COD Zombies.

    Have you heard about the Omega audio log "The Turn" on top of the guard tower bugging? I can see it and shoot it, but it refuses to come down. I've tried at different intervals in the game (pre-PAP, post PAP, w/ Wonder Weapon, sniper w/ scope, etc) but nothing works.

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi Chomper!

      Thanks for your positive feedback. Yes, I'm aware of that issue and ran into it myself as well. I suggest you keep shooting it at least 4-5 times. I had to shoot it down multiple times with a sniper rifle for it to fall to the ground.

      It seems that the hitbox is not correctly registered for this audio log. Might want to shift your cross-hair to the sides also. For me, I shot dead center but multiple times. I used a Stoner 63 LMG off the wall buy and kept shooting until it fell.

      And if you haven't already, try shooting it from the Destroyed Penthouse. It gives a better angle!

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