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All Intel Locations On Outbreak (All Regions) - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

The Dark Aether story continues in Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War with exciting new Intel introduced in the brand new Zombies game mode called Outbreak. There is new Intel added to the existing Firebase Z map as well.

Given the massive size of the Outbreak regions, it is almost impossible to find the Intel scattered around without help. If you're looking for Outbreak Intel locations, then you've come to the right place. In this guide, we show you all the Intel locations in Outbreak for all regions.

As always, all these Intel are available to be collected in the form of audio logs, documents, radio transmissions, and artifacts. While some of these have fixed locations, others can only be obtained by killing the elite zombies (Russian Manglers, Mimics, Megatons, etc.)

These Intel help you understand the Dark Aether story from the perspective of the four central "teams" involved in the story: Requiem, Omega, Maxis, and Dark Aether. Below, we have listed all the Intel locations and how to obtain them in the Outbreak mode.


Unlike the other maps (Die Maschine, Firebase Z & Mauer Der Toten) that are round-based, the new Outbreak mode is difficulty-based, and every time you move to a higher difficulty, you get a different region. There are eight main regions: Alpine, Ruka, Golova, Sanatorium, Zoo, Duga, Collateral & Armada. Every time you move up a difficulty, you get the next region and loop back around to the first one once you've visited all eight.

You will find the Intel in all these eight regions. Some of the Intel are region-specific only, while the rest can be obtained in any of the eight regions.



The following maps show the locations of all the Collectible Intel in each region. Note that these maps only include the intel available to be collected physically, without any pre-requisites.

If you wish to collect all the Outbreak intel, you will need to also complete the main easter eggs as they contain artifacts, audio logs, and documents not collectible otherwise. Feel free to check out our complete in-depth guide on both part one and part two of the Outbreak easter egg to ensure you collect all the intel. Regardless, we've listed all the available intel in the following pages, separated by season.

The following pages also contain images and text directions to better help you understand where all the intel is.

The legend shown below will help you identify what each icon represents.

The map images are high-resolution images, if you have a hard time looking at the icons, we recommend you click on the map to open it in a separate tab where you can zoom in or out without any compromise on the resolution. Feel free to comment on how we can improve our article!















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  1. Just FYI, they added a new Easter Egg/Artifact in Ruka. It's a transmitter, but with a weak signal, so, you need to find 3 nearby amplifiers and tune them and you and you will hear "the transmission"

    1. Hi Sturgeon!

      Thanks for the heads up. We're aware of the new easter egg and working on getting a guide out as soon as possible. Just making sure we have all the locations!

    1. Hi Rudy, this guide is complete and contains all the Intel in the game so far as per our knowledge. If you think we have missed any Intel, please feel free to let us know and we will make sure to add it in!

      1. Yea, that was my bad. I'm missing the Aether Intel from outbreak that is currently broken. And they're still not fixed :<

  2. Thank you very much for this awesome guide!
    I found an Audio Log on Alpine. It is located on the back of a truck. I think it is the one in the west near the game-boarder (base suits). Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Chad!

      Unfortunately, they've still not fixed the bugged Dark Aether transmissions. Just tried it again before commenting. Hopefully, they will fix it soon!

      1. May i ask which Dark Aether Transmissions are supposed to be bugged? If it's Outbreak I can confirm they aren't. Just finished. Only have to finish the Dark Aether Trial Intel from Die Maschine.

        1. Hi Phynster! It's the new Season 2 reloaded radio transmissions under the Dark Aether category that you collect from the Trial machine. The following are the bugged Intel. I got them from the trial machine but it does not register them due to them being bugged.

          1) Testing...Testing...
          2) New Enemies

          1. Gotcha thanks for responding. I can't wait for them to fix that. Those are the only 2 I don't have. Hopefully they'll fix it with Season 3 this week.

          2. You're most welcome! Yes, we're hoping for the same. Let's hope they actually fix it with Season 3 and not ignore it like the bugged Intel in Warzone!

  3. Your missing an audio log for reqium called killer crystals. I am currently trying to find where this is though

    1. Hi Aidan!

      Thanks for your comment. The Intel is now added with the exact location where you can find it.

  4. Hello, Love your guide, used it to get MOST of the Intels. Gettig bogged down by the Dark Aether Intels. But I also noticed your missing some. There is a total of 6 Requiem Audio Logs in Outbreak, you have 4. There is 7 Omega Audio Logs in Outbreak, you have 6. There is 4 Maxis Audio Logs in Outbreak, you have 3. and I'm pretty sure the ones you are missing, are all going to be on Alpine, as that is the only region from Reloaded you don't mention.

    1. Hi Phynster!

      Thanks a lot for your positive feedback on the guide. We've added all the missing Intel!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful guide. I will never climb a church, break their windows and jump the roof top like a monkey just to find a clang clang souvenir. Really saved my time collecting intels.

    1. Hi boxofarrows!

      Glad to hear this guide helped you on your Intel hunt. Thanks a lot for your comment!

  6. Having issues with the last 2 Dark Aether radio transmissions. I did the trials. Got the intel. When I exfil they are still missing.

    1. Hi Insane!

      Yes, those two radio transmissions are currently bugged. We will have to wait for a fix, unfortunately!

    1. Hi Chris!

      There are only 4 new audio logs in Season 2 reloaded for Maxis. If you're missing any, then it might be from Firebase Z. Please refer to our Firebase Z Intel guide to see if you're missing any Maxis audio log from there.

    1. Hi Simon!

      Yes, we certainly are. The new Intel will be up in a day or so once we've found all of them. Thanks for sticking by!

  7. “Embarrassment of riches” is located on Alpine map not Ruka as you’ve specified. Appreciate the ongoing info. Good job

      1. I wasnt going to be a grammar nazi, but then I saw Dan's input. Just wanted to let you know you did a spell error for Kravchenko's Knife and its listed as being in Ruko instead of Ruka.

        1. Hi Reaper!

          No worries at all. In fact, we always welcome constructive feedback. The spelling error has been corrected. Thank you!

  8. Thank you very much for this guide I've got all the items in Alpine now moving on to next map

    1. Hi Mohammed!

      You're most welcome. I'm glad that the guide is helping you find all the Intel!

      Good luck!

  9. I found the Boost Modulator Monitor on the third floor of the admin offices. I don't know if it appears in different areas of that building or not but you have it listed that it is on the second floor.

    1. Hi Payson!

      It is definitely on the second floor if you consider the bottom-most floor as ground floor and moving up 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.

      But, you're also correct if you're regarding the bottom-most floor as the first floor!

  10. Can I obtain the Dark Aether Intel for Season 3 solo? I have 7 left to do in total and they all fall into the Dark Aether category. Specifically; three audio logs, three documents, and one radio transmission. The last three games of Outbreak I have played solo I have spent doing trials and wound up with nothing to show but a few pack a punch weapons and a can. (Great guide btw. Really helped me out with a lot of my intel collecting)

      1. Hey wondering if we are the only ones having an issue with the quick revive can in Sanatorium? I could see it and it showed up as intel my husband could see the can but it doesn't show up as intel. He has tried 4 different times now in different games and it is still the same. This happening to anyone else? Or any idea how to fix it ourselves or is it a Treyach thing? Thanks

        1. Hi Kirsty!

          This is the first time We're hearing this. But, seeing how one of the radio transmission Intel is bugged, it is highly probable that some other Intel are also bugged including the Empty Quick Revive can. It is definitely a Treyarch thing and we can just hope that they fix it soon.

  11. Hello, could you tell me if the Omega group patch in Luka has changed its position in the second season? I've climbed and used my parachute to climb it, but I didn't find it. My friend also said that I couldn't find Omega group patch

    1. Hi WSA!

      Since we've already picked it up, there is no sure way for us to confirm that. But, if you don't see it there, try checking your Intel section from the main menu. You might have accidently picked it up before?

      1. Thank you for your reply. I have checked it. There is only one Kravchenko's Knife. There is no Omega patch.

  12. I also have gotten on top of the obstacles and the omega group patch isn't there. Its not in my intwl log either. Plus I have had others in my matches say its not there for them either. Is it just bugged or what?

    1. Hi!

      Apparently, the Intel is bugged at the moment. We will have to wait for them to fix it, unfortunately!

    1. Hi Mike!

      Unfortunately no. Only the person who picks up the Intel will have it registered. The rest on the team won't get it.

  13. Just a heads up debugged season 3 reloaded Omega radio transmission is now working. It's called something is coming.

    1. Season 4 Out when can we expect the intel. Btw you’ve been really helpful for me throughout previous seasons so thank you in advance.

    2. Hi Mike!

      Thanks for that. The article has been updated with that as well as the new Season 4 Intel.

  14. I cannot locate the 'Boost Module Monitor' that you showed above, I have tried several times and it is never there. I have also checked intel and it is not there so I have not yet collected it?

    Where else may I locate it?

    1. Hi Steve!

      Some people confuse the second floor as being the third floor. You might be on the wrong floor. Please go up or down a floor but check the exact same spot.

  15. The only piece of Intel left for me is Omega Patch in Season 2 located in Ruka. That is still glitched sadly. I wish they would fix if already. 🙁

    1. Hi Jay!

      Just checking in to see whether you were able to find the Intel or is it still bugged?

      1. hello,

        The I have the same issue as Jay. The Intel is definitely not present and it's not available in the menu too. I guess the Intel is still bugging right now, pray for a patch of this intel is the last thing we have to do know.

  16. Hello, I found the Omega Flag in the tower in the Obstacle Course in Ruga. I do not see it listed here, so I thought you should know about it. Happy Hunting for the rest of the intel!

  17. Is there any way you could put all the intel info on a single map for each location. It might make it easier to quickly find when your running thru the maps. I know you can't do all of the Intel but maybe just do what you can. And maybe you can make a "Master Map" for each location that show everything you have found so far (Intel, Aetheral Orbs, Demented Echos, Unknown Signals ect.)?

    1. Hi Christian!

      That's a pretty good idea. We will see what we can do. Might put up an interactive map for each region with their own set of Intel.

      1. I was just trying to figure out which intel I am missing and it turns out that it is a gigantic pain. Really. All articles or maps available on the net are split into seasons (even worse, split between season X and season X reloaded while game doesn't make such distinction in menus). These often have no clear indication which item (with its name like document name etc) is where and only point "here and there is intel" on map. There is even no list of items in each season in the order as game shows in the menu - why is this important? To be able to check exactly what is not yet collected!

        This article helps to find things if you exactly know what to look for. If you miss only some intel then it's a pain.

        Anyway - combined maps per region with all (detailed) info would be really great especially that no one did such thing so far.

        1. Hi Arek!

          The interactive maps are up and we will keep updating these maps with new Intel along with the addition of new regions. Hopefully, this helps!

  18. Noticed that the Duga Intel and Artifact located in the admin offices is listed for 2nd floor but found both on the third floor.

  19. I Just found the ring of fire canister on alpine inside a jack in a cabin near the frozen lake. Its the bottom one

  20. I created a by-region-map with the location of all collectable intels, including those from season 4 reloaded not listed above.

    It's in PT-BR, but I hope it helps you guys.

  21. hey, just played a game of outbreak earlier today, and accidently found the empty elemental pop can on Golova, its inside one of the houses hidden in the kitchen, i just dont remember which one exactly. i didn't see it on the guide here, so figured id give a heads up

    1. Hi Guys!

      Thanks for the heads up. We've updated the guide with all the new Intel including the ones you've mentioned.

  22. With so many seasons out now, I'd prefer if the pages were broken down by region rather than season. You could also break it down by region, then break it down by season within the region. This way we'd have a one-stop shop for any map we're currently playing on. Any chance we could get that?

    1. Hi Rage!

      I totally understand what you're saying. We're working on different interactive region maps with all the Intel shown on the maps regardless of the Season they were released in. And we will keep updating those maps moving forward.

      We will have those maps up soon!

  23. Found a radio on zoo over by industrial complex and found the other three signal amps then it gave me an named lost ( looked like a cassette tape) but nothing came up for new intel.

  24. I do not know why but all the maps and locations are not aligned and the locations are not sticked to the map when map is moving

    1. Hi Fryz!

      The locations are perfectly aligned. I would recommend you zoom into the Intel icon you're trying to look for to get the exact location.

  25. Hey just don’t see where 1 x Requiem Audio intel from season 2 is missing.Think it may be Quantum Entanglement from outbreak.

    1. Hi Lost!

      "Quantum Entanglement" is present under Season 2 Reloaded Requiem Audio Logs. You can also see it on the Interactive map.

    1. Hi Sigrid!

      Thanks for your comment. Can you please name the Artifact? I believe we've covered all the Intel unless we're missing one on the interactive map?

  26. Not going to lie, but ever since this guide switched to the maps being like this it’s garbage. I can’t do anything without running into ads and now it’s hard to use this. Sorry but it’s a no from me now. But thanks before the switch

  27. Hi guys, huge appreciation for all the work put in, absolute godsends! unfortunately the interactive maps aren't really useable anymore, which seems like such a waste given all the hardwork put in to all this - do you have any screenshots of the maps that could be uploaded instead? regardless, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, thanks so much for your comments. We are actually working on simple screenshots of the complete maps and will have them up asap.

    2. Hi k-diz!

      We appreciate your kind words. As requested by many, we've replaced the interactive maps with still high-res images. You should be able to browse through the page with ease now. I suggest you click on the map image to open it up in a separate tab for more clarity as you can zoom in to read better.

  28. I usually don’t comment on anything let alone articles online but I had to comment and let you guys know how much I appreciate your hard work. I believe you’re one of the rare sites that responds back to their reader's feedback. Thank you guys!!

  29. I never did the earlier Easter Egg, only the current one. Am I just screwed then on getting the Season 4 Omega Audio logs from that Easter Egg and can never get 266/266 now?

    1. Hi Native!

      Not at all, you can still do the easter eggs on all the maps in Cold War zombies. The easter eggs are not season-specific.

    1. Hi Pandemic!

      The radio transmissions are working fine for us. Not sure how it's bugged? There is a possibility you might have already collected some radio transmissions, resulting in no more transmissions on the radios?

      Regardless, I will surely double-check and get back to you!

      1. I figured out my issue lol. Seems you can only collect each radio transmission 1 per game rather than the 1 per map I assumed it would be.