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All Unknown Signal & Radio Signal Amplifier Locations On Outbreak (All Regions)

In Outbreak, there are unique base radios that spawn randomly in fixed locations across all the regions. The spawn order is random, and the rate of spawn is very rare.

When you interact with the base radio, it spawns several zombies that you must eliminate in order for the base radio to emit a unique signal with a distinct sound. This signal is weak.

You must then find three signal amplifiers close to the base radio by interacting with them and matching the amplifier sound with the base radio signal. The base radio distinct sound library is a fixed set of signals, but you always get random sounds for each radio.

When you are near the amplifiers, you will hear a static sound effect. The static sound gets louder as you get closer to the amplifiers.

Once you match all three radio frequencies, you can return to the base radio and interact with it to listen to the full radio signal that spawns a lot of essence (points) and a unique classic song cassette from one of the old Call of Duty: Black Ops games.

There are a total of five songs you can get and they are as follows:

  • Abracadavre (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • Alone by Kevin Sherwood
  • Amerika Infiltration by Brian Tuey & Jack Wall
  • Avogadro by Brian Tuey
  • Beauty of Annihilation (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • Brave by Brian Tuey
  • Frequency by Brian Tuey
  • Generation by Brian Tuey
  • Lost by Kevin Sherwood
  • Lullaby for a Deadman (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • Pareidolia (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • The One (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood

Note that these song cassettes can spawn multiple times. This means you can get duplicates when interacting with the radios. You can access these songs using the Music Player feature in Black Ops Cold War.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is no minimum round for the radios to spawn. The radios can spawn at any difficulty level, whether it is difficulty level 1 or above. If you do not see the radio in any of the listed locations below, don't be discouraged. Continue progressing through the difficulty levels, and you will eventually find one. We had to skip 6 difficulty levels in one game to finally find one.

Another tip we have is simply checking for the locations in whatever region you spawn in and if you don't see radio in any one of the listed locations, restart the game.

The radio icon is not visible on the map until you are close enough.

The amplifier locations are not shown on the map even if you are close to them. This is where you use the static sound effect to find the amplifiers. Luckily for you, we've done the research. In this guide, we show you the locations of all the radios and the amplifiers in all the regions.

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There are three possible radio locations found in the Alpine region.

Radio 1

Base Radio

The first base radio is found at the Fire Aid Station. The radio is on a ledge on a small cliff leading up to the warehouse.

Amplifier 1

The first radio signal amplifier is inside the cabin, right in front of the base radio. It is the first cabin from the right side.

Amplifier 2

The second radio signal is by the main road north of the Fire Aid Station. The amplifier is behind stacked concrete blocks by the generator.

Amplifier 3

The final amplifier is inside the medevac warehouse on top of wooden crates.

Radio 2

Base Radio

The second base radio spawns by the fireplace at the hillside cabins.

Amplifier 1

The amplifier is at the patio of one of the smaller cabins located at the hillside cabin. It is the first cabin from the right side. Go around the back of the cabin, and you will find it on the table.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is inside one of the bigger cabins. You will find it inside the left side cabin on the first floor right after you've reached the top.

Amplifier 3

The third amplifier is found slightly west of the hillside cabins in a small shack.

Radio 3

Base Radio

The third base radio is found by the Frozen Lake at the Base Cabins.

Amplifier 1

The first amplifier is inside the hut just behind the frozen lake.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is found inside the second cabin from the left (out of the four cabins located next to the lake).

Amplifier 3

The final amplifier is found inside the northernmost small hut by the frozen lake.


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  1. On Duga, there is a third unknown signal in the chemical processing building. The main station is on the first floor of the large building. The amplifiers are all within the chemical processing fence boundary as follows:
    1) There are nine round things in a 3 x 3 rray - on top of the central southernmost one.
    2) There are thee round things on their own. Go to the top left corner of that platform.
    3) By the toxic pool, North east corner.

    1. Hi dz!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. We've updated the article with the third location!

    1. Hi Chloe!

      That radio is a Maxis radio which is part of the main outbreak easter egg. It is not the same as these unknown signal radios. You can tell they're different as the Maxis radio is not indicated on the map while these regular ones show up as an orange icon. We are currently working on getting the main easter egg guide out ASAP with all the locations and in-depth details!

  2. There is another unknown signal in golova . The corn fields by the bridge, there is a radio near the out houses on the south side of the field on a stack of pallets.

    1) to the west from the base signal, there is a shed, it is in the back left corner.

    2) on the east side of the field, there is another set of outhouses, next to the stacks of hay

    3) in the upper farmstead to the east of base signal, near the big hay baler, in the NW cement corner guard

  3. There's a third radio on Sanatorium:
    Main radio: At the foot of the statue underneath the pack-a-punch
    1st amplifier: (Looking at the statue from the front of it) Directly left in the stair column, under the stairs
    2nd amplifier: At the very front of the lowest area toward the water, on the left side of the monument with the globe on it
    3rd amplifier: (Looking directly at the first statue) Directly to the right, just past the open pathed area with the center concrete planter circle, there's a raised area of garden with a cobble stone wall nestled in a corner. On top of that is the final amplifier

    I hope this could help!

    1. Hi Ethan!

      Thanks for that! Yes, we're aware of that radio. That's the Maxis radio we come across on Round 3 and above for the main quest easter egg for outbreak. We've covered all the Maxis radio locations on the easter egg guide.

  4. There's a third radio in Ruka - Base Radio is central west near the edge in a tent by the logs. Radio 1 is in the small hut directly north (very close). The second radio is in a small 3 wall hut with a sloped roof directly across from radio 1. Haven't been able to find Radio 3 so far.

  5. There is one in zoo. The radio is at the Statue on the farthest left town. One is in the building to the right when facing the same way as the Statue. Another is on top of the building across in the corner and the last one is in the top left corner of the parking lot.

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