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All Warzone & Vanguard Season 3 Weapon Buffs And Nerfs

Season 3 has redefined the meta of both Warzone and Vanguard multiplayer. The complete overhaul of the weapon stats and new balances is, to some extent, a let down. Moreover, the addition of new weapons also seems to have disappointed the players. The balancing is completely out of the normal spectrum as the newer content is being pushed out.

With Season 3, we’ve received major weapon buffs and nerfs in both Warzone and multiplayer of Vanguard. Here are all the Season 3 weapon changes you need to know about

Warzone Weapon Changes

Weapon Nerfs

Sniper Rifles

Ever since the adoption of the 150 health system, there has been a sudden surge of Sniper users to compensate for that lack of quicker kills. Before the nerf, all the Snipers still one-shot killed the players regardless of the 150 health. This caused everyone to use only Snipers, with one thing setting them apart from the AR/SMG users, the Sniper headshot. While other weapon categories took a shot or two extra for a kill, Sniper rifles could easily take out an enemy with one shot to the head.

This prompted a lot of players to camp at their favorite high ground and sniped other players. To enable a variety of playstyle and usage of all types of weapons, the following Snipers were stripped off of their one-shot ability:

  • Kar98k (MW 2019)
  • SP-R 208 (MW 2019)
  • Pelington 703 (BOCW)
  • Swiss K31 (BOCW)
  • Type 99 (VG)
  • Kar98k (VG)

It is not to say that the Snipers mentioned above will not one-shot enemy players. They can still one-shot to the head but only while the enemy player is inside the weapon's max damage range. The max damage range can be increased or decreased with different barrel attachments.

The following slower yet hard-hitting Snipers will still one-shot to the head at any given range:

  • HDR (MW 2019)
  • AX-50 (MW 2019)
  • ZRG 20mm (BOCW)
  • 3-Line Rifle (VG)
  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG)

Finally, we have a set of Snipers that won't do one-shot to the head at all that includes the following:

  • Rytec AMR (MW 2019)
  • Dragunov (MW 2019)
  • M82 (BOCW)

Submachine Guns

Many SMGs received major nerfs, including the meta Owen Gun and the MP-40. The weapons themselves didn't get any major nerfs, but the meta attachments got the nerfs. There were several weapon nerfs and buffs. We've focused on the changes that are most likely to affect the meta of Warzone.

MP-40 (VG)

The VDD 189mm Short Barrel often did a lot of damage outside of its intended maximum damage range. While this has been fixed, it is still one of the best barrels to use for SMGs given as it still does significant damage to the limbs. In addition to the damage to the limbs, it also provides a better damage range for the MP-40.

Some might find this change negligible, but it comes down to a head-on 1v1 gunfight where you will actually notice a difference.

  • The VDD 189mm Short Barrel received a nerf, which decreases the minimum damage from 24 to 23.
  • The upper and lower torso damage multiplier of this barrel decreased to 1.04, down from 1.1.
Owen Gun (VG)

The Owen Gun ran superior alongside the MP-40. Ammunition attachments and rapid barrels were the bread and butter of this weapon in Warzone. The Owen Gun was and is still likely to be famous for the fire rate and upper body multipliers. Some of the attachments provided huge damage bonuses that needed to be addressed for the sake of balance.

  • 7.62 Gorenko 33 Round Mags' neck damage multiplier decreased by 10% from 1.3 to 1.17.
  • 7.62 Gorenko 72 Round Drums' neck damage multiplier also decreased by 10% from 1.3 to 1.17, and received a head damage multiplier reduction of 2% from 1.5 to 1.47.
  • The Hockenson 142mm Rapid barrel received a major fire rate reduction. It decreased from 19% to 16%.

Lightmachine Guns

One of the long-reigning and most dominating LMGs in Warzone has been the Bren (VG). The Bren has dominated the long-range meta thanks to the recoil-reducing attachments. The Bren has received some nerfs that outline the key feature it stood out for - the recoil.

  • Maximum damage decreased from 34 to 32, and minimum damage decreased from 30 to 28.
  • 6.5 Sakura 40 Round Mags received some recoil nerfs. The horizontal recoil control decreased to 14%, down from 20%, and the vertical recoil control decreased to 14%, down from 18%
  • Queen’s 775m Scepter barrel's horizontal recoil control decreased to 23%, down from 40%. That is almost 50% recoil control reduction. Similarly, the vertical recoil control of the barrel decreased to 20%, down from 40%
  • Queen’s 775m Royal barrel also received a horizontal recoil control nerf. It decreased to 31%, down from 38%.
  • The proficiency perk attachment, Tight Grip also got a major recoil control reduction.

Weapon Buffs

Assault Rifles

We've also got some weapon enhancements with the nerfs that have allowed underutilized weapons to join the meta pool. A lot of ARs received changes, but the most notable ones include the ITRA Burst, STG-44, and the Volkssturmgewehr.

ITRA Burst (VG)

The ITRA Burst is a shredder at close-to-mid range gunfights. However, due to its fast fire rate and burst nature, it burned through its magazine super quick. This was not feasible for the user in long-range gunfights. ITRA Burst ammunition arsenal received a complete overhaul with increased capacities.

  • .303 British Round Mags' capacity increased from 32 to 36.
  • 6.5 Sakura Round Mags' capacity increased from 24 to 28.
  • 8mm Klauser Round Fast Mags' capacity increased from 20 to 24
  • 8mm Klauser 38 Round Drum Mags' capacity increased from 38 to 42.
STG-44 (VG)

The STG-44, while considered one of the best weapons to use in Vanguard, was not viable in Warzone. Despite being under the AR category, it couldn't compete with almost all of the other ARs the game has to offer. The following huge changes to the weapon should now allow it to be used more often. The weapon received a mixture of buffs and nerfs, but the buffs outweigh the nerfs, hence why it is under the buffs category.

  • .30 Russian Short 45 Round Mags' damage range decreased from 20% to 10%. The horizontal recoil control penalty decreased from -25% to -23%. The vertical recoil control penalty decreased from -20% to -18%. The overall visual recoil is also decreased.
  • 7.62 Gorenko 50 Round Mags' damage range and bullet velocity penalties removed.
  • Bullet velocity of Krausnick 620mm Precision increased from 30% to 40% along with the ability to provide 20% damage range increase.
  • VDD 320mm 02B' bullet velocity received a major increase from -12% to 30% along with an increase in damage range from -10% to 10%. Horizonal recoil control penalty also reduced down to -18% from -25%. The initial firing recoil penalty also reduced down to -10% from -20%.
  • Finally the CD760mm 05B barrel's damage range increased from 15% to 35% with a 10% increase in bullet velocity from 40% to 50%.
Volkssturmgewehr (VG)

The Volk received buffs in areas of better handling and accuracy that includes the removal of recoil penalties, bullet velocity bumps, and damage range increase.

  • Bullet velocity and damage range penalties were completely removed from the 7.62 Gorenko 30 Round Mags.
  • Bullet velocity and damage range penalties were completely removed from the 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags.
  • Bullet velocity of Krausnick 428mm 05V barrel increased from 40% to 50%
  • Reisdorf 407mm Custom barrel now provides 30% increased bullet velocity and 26% increased damage range.
  • VDD 287mm barrel's bullet velocity increased from -12% to -10%. The horizontal recoil control penalty of the barrel decreased from -25% to -21%, and the vertical recoil control penalty decreased from -50% to -12%. That is a huge decrease in the penalties.

Other ARs that received minor buffs include the Vargo 52 and the XM4 from Black Ops Cold War.


The only handgun that received a major buff is The Top Break (VG). In a world where the Diamattis dominated, the Top Break was not viable to be used as a secondary. While the Diamatti got a head damage multiplier reduction, the Top break received some damage range buffs.

  • Top Break's maximum damage range increased from 45 to 46.
  • Top Break's medium damage range increased from 34 to 38.
  • Top Break's maximum damage range increased from 26 to 28.

Vanguard Weapon Changes

The Vanguard multiplayer version of the guns mostly received the nerfs. The following are the changes made to the weapons in Vanguard multiplayer.


The CDL Major's favorite Volk received some expected nerfs.

  • Aim walking movement speed decreased.
  • Aim walking movement speed decreased on the VDD 287mm barrel.
  • Aim walking movement speed decreased on the Resdorf 22V Adjustable stock.


  • The overall damage ranges were reduced.
  • Initial recoil when firing increased.
  • The accuracy of the 320mm SA Shrouded barrel decreased.

Armaguerra 43

The Imerito 180mm Short barrel and Imeritol TA Skeletal stock received decreased aim walking movement speeds.


Decreased ADS movement speed on the Konstanz Tactical Stock.


The Fitzherbert Short barrel and Wyvern Skeletal stock received decreased aim walking movement speeds.

Type 100

The Sakura 196mm Light barrel and Warubachi Grip Folding stock received decreased aim walking movement speeds. The Warubachi 134mm Rapid barrel got a slightly better accuracy penalty, and the .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags got an increased fire rate penalty.


The PPSH-41 is the only weapon that received some form of buff, but also includes a range of nerfs to compensate.

The PPSH-41 got increased accuracy but decreased hip-fire accuracy. The Kovalevskaya also received decreased hip-fire accuracy. The ZAC 300mm barrel received decreased accuracy butt increased aim walking movement speed.

Those are all the weapon changes included in the new Season 3. It is sure to shake up the meta of the game, and we will be sure to add new loadouts accordingly.


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