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AS VAL & SP-R 208 Rifles Nerfed In New Patch

A new update for Modern Warfare has rolled out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It balances the newly released AS VAL assault rifle and the SP-R 208 marksman rifle.

The patch fixes what were the most broken guns, by far, in the game. Prior to the latest update, players were abusing the new "bullet penetration" buff on the AS VAL 10 rounds mag. The buff didn't work the way it was intended, and instead, players were able to shoot through multiple walls with almost full damage.

These 10 round mags, in combination with the snapshot grenades, took over Verdansk, where everyone was being taken out through the walls, rocks, and mountains instantly. This issue has now been fixed in the latest update where they have balanced the 10 round mags.

Another overpowered weapon that got a huge nerf is the SP-R 208. The new marksman rifle (or sniper rifle) was dominating in both Warzone and regular Multiplayer. Even after putting on the most extended barrel on this rifle, the ADS speed was barely affected.

The main problem came with the new .338 Lapua Mags. This ammo type increased not only the damage but also the bullet velocity and recoil control giving it almost maximum range. Now, the problem isn't the increased range or damage. The main issue here is the bullet velocity.

The bullet velocity was ridiculously high, turning the SP-R into a hitscan weapon. This meant, players didn't have to lead their shots and could put their crosshairs on top of any target and pull the trigger. The bullet went straight, there was no drop at all.

Another issue with the bullet was that after about 405m-409m, it seemed to disappear and have no hitscan. The targets within the stated range were easily killed, but those beyond 409m could not be killed.

This was either a bug where the bullets were disappearing into thin air, or it could be the bullet velocity kicking in after 409m forced players to aim a bit higher for targets beyond the 409m range. Whatever the reason was, that issue has also been fixed.

There has been a significant reduction in the bullet velocity and ADS speed for not only the .338 Lapua Mag, but also the .300 Norma Mag ammo type. Other than that, there has been an overall minor ADS speed reduction, flinch is increased, and some ADS speed reduction to the variable zoom scope attachment.

We also have a loadout guide for SP-R 208. Obviously, it won't have the same ADS speed and bullet velocity but loadout is still very good and viable in Warzone.

Besides the new season six weapons nerf, an old weapon attachment also got a small nerf. The variable zoom scope on for the SKS got a slight ADS speed reduction. Feel free to check out our full patch notes here.


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