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Best XM4 Loadout for Black Ops Cold War

The XM4 is one of those rifles that can be used in pretty much all scenarios, provided of course that you put the right attachments on it, in accordance with your individual requirements. It is an easy-to-use weapon, has decent damage, and can be used effectively over medium to slightly longer distances.

Below we have a complete loadout guide for your XM4 that offers decent mobility, excellent overall effective damage range, and almost non-existent recoil. To take full advantage of all the attachments, you will need to use the 'Gunfighter' wildcard to unlock 8 additional attachment slots.

Note that the XM4 has very slow ADS and sprint to fire speed. When we put more attachments on it, it decreases even further, which destroys the weapon's viability. Feel free to check our video showcasing the setup in action.

Video Showcase



The Optic is one of the XM4 attachments that is a completely personal preference. However, we recommend selecting the Microflex LED as it is one of the cleanest sights you can get. It gives you a clear view of your target in sight and great visibility overall.



We recommend choosing the SOCOM Eliminator for the Muzzle attachment, which gives 85% muzzle flash concealment and 17% vertical recoil control. It does reduce your shooting move speed and horizontal recoil control by 10% each, but shooting move speed isn't that big of a deal. The horizontal recoil control will be compensated using another attachment, as you will see below.


The 13.7" Takedown is going to be your XM4 Barrel attachment. It increases your effective damage range by 150%. Note that is not weapon damage increase. It is simply making your weapon viable at longer ranges. This means that whatever damage you do at short to medium range, it will be around that, even at longer ranges, despite any bullet drops.


You do not necessarily need any Body attachment for this, but we can go with the Steady Aim Laser attachment for the sake of filling in an extra slot. It doesn't hurt to use this attachment since it has no associated cons to hit. Instead, it increases your hip-fire accuracy by 20%.


You must choose Field Agent Grip as your Underbarrel attachment for XM4. It provides 6% more vertical recoil control and a massive 20% horizontal recoil control. In this loadout we have already added the SOCOM eliminator, and that Muzzle attachment decreased the horizontal recoil control by 10%. Here, the addition of 20% compensates for at least 10% of that horizontal recoil control reduction.


We recommend selecting the 40 Round Speed Mag as it is more than enough for a multiplayer game. You get an extended magazine and a range of benefits that come with it, such as 25% faster reloading and 33% more starting ammo. It does decrease your ADS speed by 20%, but our next attachment helps bring it back up with an additional 10% increase on top of the base ADS speed.


The Handle attachment helps you with some of the most vital perks, such as the ADS speed and the ability to aim while going prone. These perks are achieved by using the Airborne Elastic Wrap as your handle attachment.

As mentioned above, Airborne Elastic Wrap will give you 30% ADS speed increase. This means you will have 10% overall ADS speed since 20% is reduced due to the magazine attachment. This wrap also gives you 90% flinch resistance making it easier for you to aim during gunfights.


You must choose the Buffer Tube as your XM4 Stock attachment. This attachment will increase your sprint to fire speed by 30%. The best part about this attachment is that it doesn't even affect your recoil.


  • Perk 1 - Flak Jacket: Flak Jacket is one of the most important perks in the first perk slot. Considering the number of people throwing grenades and other explosives at you during the multiplayer matches, it is best to choose Flak Jacket as it will mitigate a considerable amount of explosive damage.
  • Perk 2 - Scavenger: You will run out of ammo extremely quick when using the XM4. The Scavenger perk will help you re-stock your ammo by running over the dead bodies of eliminated players.
  • Perk 3 - Ghost: The Ghost perk is a great option in the third slot. There are other great options as well such as Ninja, Cold-Blooded, and Gung-Ho, but staying anonymous at all times is important in the Cold War.

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