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Call of Duty - Black Ops: Cold War Reveal - Full Warzone Live Event Details

On August 26, 2020, a live event took place within Call of Duty: Warzone that led to the reveal of the new Call of Duty - Black Ops: Cold War game. This event was in the making for some time now, and finally took place after a long and hectic Easter egg hunt.

The event started at 10:30am PT and lasted for an hour or so. This event added a special playlist into the game called 'Know Your History.' In this mode, players dropped like regular battle royale mode, but the respawns were unlimited along with the option for players to choose their loadout from the get-go, similar to the Plunder mode.

The names of the locations on the map and the compass were redacted, and there was a set of steps that players needed to complete to unlock some in-game rewards and cosmetics before the big reveal. The reveal itself was then made at the end of the match when the timer ran out.


Video Showcase

Steps to Freedom

Once players jumped into the game, they were presented with a set of objectives called "Steps to Freedom." There were four steps that needed to be completed in order to earn various exclusive rewards.

The steps were:

  1. Collect the Map Codes
  2. Secure the Key
  3. Crack the Map Code
  4. Wield the Weapon

Collect the Map Codes

The first step was to collect the map codes that could either be looted from supply boxes or from eliminated opponents. These map codes were a guaranteed drop when killing players.

Players needed to collect a total of five codes that revealed the location of a key on the map. Upon collecting all the map codes, players unlocked an rare emblem called 'All the Guns.'

Secure the Key

After the completion of the first step, the players had a location of a key on the map which they needed to secure.

This one was a straight forward step as you just needed to head over to the marked location and grab the keycard. An epic calling card called 'Ascension' is also unlocked when you find it.

Crack the Map Code

A cricle denoting the general area where this keycard could be used then appeared on players' maps. This was a yellow circle, similar to the bounty contract in regular battle royale mode.

Players needed to head over to the location and search for a special yellow glowing supply box. Opening this supply box granted players with an epic charm called 'Test Pattern.'

Wield the Weapon

In the last step, players are given co-ordinates that match a set of co-ordinates on the Warzone map. In our run, we received D5.

Players needed to head over to their corresponding area and then "Wield a Weapon" - they had to look for a unique weapon and pick it up. Little did they know they were going to see Frank Woods himself and get the gun from him.

D5 for us was the Superstore. Searching inside the store, we found Frank Woods standing there with a weapon. This weapon is a legendary blueprint for SKS called 'Bay of Pigs.'


Once the match timer ended, every player on the map spawned roughly 700m away from the Stadium, while the iconic Yuri Bezmenov interview was playing in the background. At the same time, there was absolute chaos in Verdansk.

All the players were running towards the Stadium as airstrikes and cluster bombs were dropped all around it. As the players reached closer to the Stadium, the sequence ends with Yuri Bezmenov saying, "The time bomb is ticking. With every second, the disaster is coming closer and closer. The danger is real" - the line that every Warzone player is familiar with by now, thanks to the teasers and a week-long easter egg before the release of this trailer.

Once it ended, the trailer for Black Ops Cold War plays. After the trailer ends, players have the ending screen that they typically get and leave the game, putting them back in their lobbies/main menu.



    • All the Guns - Rare Emblem

    • War of Words - Rare Emblem

Calling Cards

    • Ascension - Epic Calling Card

    • Mounting Storm - Rare Calling Card


    • Test Pattern - Epic Charm

Marksman Weapon Blueprint

    • Marksman Rifle Weapon Blueprint

Frank Woods Bundle

If you pre-order Black Ops Cold War, you will get Frank Woods as an instant operator reward, along with a legendary weapon blueprint for the M4A1 called the 'Old Faithful.'

Credits: codtracker


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