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Black Ops Cold War Seasonal Prestige System Guide

Fans of prestige and the hardcore grind can rejoice as a brand new prestige system is returning in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and it is better than ever.

During the open beta, we experienced the player progression system and learned what to expect from Black Ops Cold War up to level 40. Now, we have full details about the new Seasonal Prestige system that will be introduced in Black Ops Cold War.

In the new system, you will not lose any of the content that you've already acquired. You will always have some goal to pursue, and your progress won't stop even after acquiring one prestige. More details on all that below. Each season will offer more prestige milestones and challenges to keep you busy.

Seasonal Prestige System

One day one of Black Ops Cold War, all players will begin with their traditional progression path from military rank 1 to rank 55, in order to unlock new weapons, perks, scorestreaks, field upgrades, wildcards, and more. Once you've reached military rank 55, your Seasonal Prestige journey will begin.

After reaching military rank 55, you will automatically enter Season Level 1 of the Seasonal Leveling progression path. This is the start of your Seasonal Prestige. You will not lose any of your previously acquired content.

During the pre-season period between the launch day and the beginning of Season One, you will have the opportunity to reach up to three prestige, as well as a weapon blueprint, by reaching Season Level 50. You will level up through the Seasonal Progression path as follows:

  • Prestige 1 at Season Level 1
  • Prestige 2 and Weapon Blueprint at Season Level 50
  • Prestige 3 at Season Level 100

After that, starting from Season One and onwards, your level will reset with each new Season, and your progress will resume from the highest prestige that you might have achieved in the previous season. Each season will have four additional prestige to achieve across the first 200 levels, including a new weapon blueprint at level Season Level 50 every season. The progression goes as follows:

  • New Prestige and Weapon Blueprint at Season Level 50
  • New Prestige at Season Level 100
  • New Prestige at Season Level 150
  • New Prestige at Season Level 200

This means that you will be able to acquire up to three prestiges before Season One and up to four prestiges each season after that, for a total of up to 25 prestiges across all seasons. The best part about the Seasonal Prestige system is that you will always carry on your prestige progress from one season to the next, and that will allow you to catch up to the latest available prestige if you didn't reach it during the previous season.

Prestige Master & Prestige Keys

Your hard work and grind won't go to waste. When you reach level 200 in any season, you will earn the title of Prestige Master for that particular Season. The color of your Prestige Level will also change that will indicate your Prestige Master status. You will also get the ability to personalize your Prestige icon with Legacy Prestige icons from the previous Call of Duty games only if you have earned the title of Prestige Master in that Season.

This is achieved using Prestige Keys.

Prestige Keys are earned as a milestone reward at every 50 Season Levels. You can use the Prestige Keys in the Prestige Shop, which is available once you earn your first prestige key. Once you unlock the Prestige Shop, it will be unlocked and available from that point onwards. As there are 1,000 levels each season, you can reach up to 20 milestones per season, meaning 20 prestige keys. This is possible if you're willing to put in the work, of course.

As mentioned before, once you've reached level 200, you can keep on climbing up to level 1,000 every season, with milestone rewards such as the Prestige Keys, Battle Pass tier skips, and more. This Seasonal Prestige system will be a single progression path across all Seasons.

To summarize the above:

  • Instead of your traditional 10 prestiges, you will have 25+ prestige levels to earn across all seasons
  • Six Prestige Master titles to earn by reaching level 200 in each season, rather than only one opportunity throughout the entire game
  • Milestone rewards to earn at every 50 Season Levels
  • 1,000 levels in each season to continue the grind and earn milestone rewards such as the Prestige Keys and Battle Pass tier skips
  • For the first time in the history of Call of Duty, you won't lose any of the create-a-class content after you prestige

Season Challenges

Starting from Season One onwards, new Season Challenges will provide more ways to earn rewards throughout the season. Season Challenges will offer two sets of 20 calling cards each season in Black Ops Cold War. There will be 20 calling cards for Multiplayer and 20 for Zombies, in addition to new challenges being unlocked in both the sets at every 10 levels all the way up to level 200.

You have the choice to progress and complete an unlocked Season Challenge to earn its related calling card. Once you collect all the calling cards within a set (multiplayer or zombies), you will receive an animated season master calling card as a reward. All the more reason for you to grind for those calling cards!

New Global Leveling System

This new Seasonal Prestige system will expand beyond Black Ops Cold War later this year. Starting from December 1, when the first season goes live, Seasonal Prestige will become the new leveling system across both Modern Warfare and Warzone as well, with players starting on the new progression system without losing any of their previously earned or purchased content.

The Battle Pass system will also be interconnected across Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone. You can find more information on how the Battle Pass will be integrated across all the games here.


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  1. My prestige master is level 200 6th prestige, do I need to get to 7th for me to be able to buy the prestige icons from other cod’s?

    1. Hi Andy, not at all. As soon as you hit Prestige Master, you should be able to buy the prestige icons provided you have enough keys. Beyond level 200, you will just reach milestones that reward you with more keys to spend at the shop.

  2. Here's a question I'm curious about, if you're still looking back at this article, can the seasonal challenges be done after the season ends? I got all of season 1's zombies challenges done but season 2 is looking to be a bit tough for those(blasted Orda challenge)

    1. Hi Joshua!

      Yes, you can still do the seasonal challenges given you've unlocked the challenges in the first place by ranking up your prestige level during that season. Once the challenge is unlocked, you can do it during any future seasons. Good luck!

      1. What if you didnt unlock the challenges is there any way to have the chance to unlock them I'm only prestige 1 in season 1 I am prestige 6 level 253 in season be honest i wish we still had the old prestige system i dont like this one too much

        1. Hi Frank, unfortunately, I believe you won't be able to unlock them afterward as they are season-specific challenges.

          I agree with the new prestige system. This one seems like way too much of a grind. While the old prestige system was also a grind, it still gave everyone an equal chance to level up without any limitations, such as the seasonal challenges we have now!

  3. I’m at level 190 on season 6. I can see the seasonal progression calling cards but it shows they r locked. What do I need to do to be able to do the challenges for them to earn the calling cards?

    1. Hi Kourtney!

      If you've reached level 190, you should see the challenge description by hovering over the calling card. You can see the challenges with tiers at the bottom of the screen. As you complete those challenges, the locks will disappear, and you should have the calling card.

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