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Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Integration to Kickstart in December

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is just around the corner, and we have some exciting news for all Call of Duty (COD) fans.

Recently Activision had their Q3 financial meeting. During the meeting, Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, confirmed that the first Season of Black Ops Cold War would arrive in December.

Following the statement, he also confirmed that Warzone and Black Ops Cold War would be fully integrated. This will allow players to use their Operators, weapons, and other items from Black Ops Cold War in Warzone, similar to how it worked for Modern Warfare.

Black Ops Cold War's Battle Pass content will also work across both Black Ops and Warzone. All the weapons you unlock while progressing from Level 1 to 55 in Black Ops will be useable in Warzone.

Furthermore, it was also confirmed that the players would be able to use their loadouts in Warzone from both Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. This gives us a hint as to how much growth potential Warzone holds with respect to other Call of Duty games in the coming years.

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will be integrated in December when the first Season of Black Ops goes live. Once the Season drops, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone will be tied together along with the Battle Pass progression. Once this happens, all the weapons and operators in Black Ops Cold War will be available to use in Warzone.

According to Activision, Black Ops Cold War will continue to follow Modern Warfare's monetization system along with a new Battle Pass system. Activision has confirmed that the first season of Black Ops will bring a considerable amount of content for the game. This content will also include weapons that can be earned through free tiers in the Battle Pass.

Modern Warfare players do not need to worry as you can continue bringing in your classic loadouts in Warzone, as mentioned earlier.


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Hassan Sajid

Hassan has always loved Battle Royale games, right from the start of his gaming career. Aside from utilizing his engineering background in several areas of his life (with a degree from the National University Science & Technology), he loves to use his technical knowledge and skills to contribute towards the gaming community. He has played PUBG and Fortnite extensively and as a fan of the Call of Duty series, Warzone is a no brainer for him. His favourite Call of Duty title is Modern Warfare 2. Hassan uses his in-game experience to create guides and videos that are aimed at helping other Warzone players become better. Hassan is also on LinkedIn.