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Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 4 Reveal And Release Date

Season 3 of Cold War and Warzone has been revitalizing thanks to the heaps of content it offered, including new weapons, operators, and the first-ever Outbreak easter egg for Cold War Zombies.

Season 3 is slowly coming to its conclusion with one of the most anticipated seasons - Season 4, due soon. Season 4 of Warzone is on the horizon and there is a lot of expectation around it.

Not much is known about the new Season 4, but from what we've gathered over the last few weeks, it seems we're all in for a treat. One of the most talked-about returning maps includes Hijacked, which has gotten the fans overly excited, and we don't blame them. It's a classic Black Ops map.

Hijacked as seen on Call of Duty: Black Ops II

In addition to Hijacked, there appears to be another remastered surprise map that we don't know about. But, given it is a remaster of one of the old maps, we're sure that it being a classic throwback will have many players excited.


Season 4 is particularly interesting for Zombies fans, as the second part of the Outbreak easter egg will release along with a brand new round-based survival map with new easter eggs to find.

The developers have been working hard on the new map, which is rumored to be set in Berlin. But, that is not known for sure despite all the clues pointing towards it - only time will tell. Zombie players have been requesting a new round-based survival map for quite some time now. Season 4 might just be the answer.

You will be able to get a first look at the brand new Season 4 during the Summer Game Fest's Kick Off Live section on June 10, 2021, at 11 AM (PT), 2 PM (ET), and 6 PM (GMT) on Thursday.

You can view the live stream by going to the Youtube Live link below at the stated time.

Note that the above streams are for the Season 4 reveal and not the actual release, which will come later. As the tradition goes, as soon as one season ends, the next one starts. And the start of Season 4 isn't any different. Season 3 is scheduled to end around June 16, 2021. This means Season 4 is to be expected around June 17, 2021.


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