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Call Of Duty 2020 Teased By Mysterious Site, 'Next Step' Coming August 14

Activision and Treyarch are working up a pretty complex series of teasers for this year's (2020) Call of Duty game - even though the title has been seemingly leaked by an official Doritos promotion, because of course that would happen to this franchise!

Initially interpreted as teasing a full game announcement on the 14th of August, the developers have clarified that this latest teaser is only leading up to "the next step".

Certain content creators were sent teaser boxes containing hints about this virtual scavenger hunt of sorts not too long ago. Combining the contents of these teaser boxes with a mysterious image posted on the official Treyarch Instagram profile led fans to a website with the address "".

At first, nothing may jump out at you showing that this is related to Call of Duty, but legalese links at the bottom lead back to Activision and Treyarch.

There isn't much to be seen yet, just an inert old television set, an alarm clock off to the side as well as a pair of chess pieces - both pawns, notably. It's been deduced that the countdown will end on the 14th of August, this Friday, 12 EST.

Most fans assumed that on Friday we'd get an official announcement of the game and maybe a trailer to go with it, however Activision has since clarified that it will be the next part of the overall teaser.

The retro design at the teaser site have further reinforced the leaks implying that the new game will be a Black Ops reboot. Leaks and patents have been saying this for months, but an official Doritos promotion that slipped out a little early practically confirmed it by referring to Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War. At least Activision learned to add subtitles so we can differentiate these games and the originals!

Warzone fans need not worry about the future of their preferred battle royale game - executives have confirmed that Warzone will live on with the next iteration of the Call of Duty franchise.


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Aron Gerencser
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