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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 Reloaded Out Now

Season 5 Reloaded has kicked off in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, bringing all new content to both games, and Activision has also revealed the upcoming Games of Summer event, bringing an air of friendly competition to the battlefield on the weekend.

The mid-season update brings some fresh content to the game so even the most avid players who have already experienced everything new that Season 5 has to offer can find things to explore.

General content in Season 5 Reloaded includes a new mode called King Slayer in Warzone that changes the rules of battle royale to make it feel more like a dynamic team deathmatch. Eliminating players on the enemy team grants you points and the five highest scoring players are always visible on the TacMap. These designated "kings" are worth bonus points when eliminated. The circle is still present, however instead of collapsing, it is locked in a small size and moves around Verdansk forcing the fighters to stay mobile.

The FiNN LMG is also available as of today, and it packs more of a punch than most other weapons of this category. This new gun is very mobile due to its low weight and open bolt design, making it ideal for recoil control builds. To unlock the FiNN LMG you need to complete the associated in-game challenge, or you can just buy the Mainframe bundle if you are impatient to try it out.

You can also hop into the shoes of an all new operator, Morte. Warcom's newest soldier has an obsession with spaghetti Westerns and dresses the part. He also adheres to his own sense of honor and a strict code of conduct, something iconic of most protagonists that appear in this genre. Grab the new bundle that includes this operator for some gunslinging action - just be sure to make a few fancy high noon screenshots.

The star of the Reloaded update, however, isn't available just yet. The Games of Summer event will start on the 28th of August, this Friday, and lasts until the 7th of September. Structured similar to the Olympic games, players can compete in a number of trials while representing their home country. Five single-player trials challenge your skills, allowing you to earn medals based on your performance. These trials are designed to be simple but hard to master in order to be both accessible but also challenging.

  • Trial One: Gun Course on Custom Gun Course Map - Available August 28
    • Make your way through the course as fast as possible while clearing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties.
    • Medal Times: 01:30:00 (Bronze) / 01:00:00 (Silver) / 00:40:00 (Gold)
    • Loadout: Assorted Weapons
  • Trial Two: Price’s Alley on Custom Price’s Alley Map - Available August 29
    • Eliminate an endless series of enemy targets while avoiding civilian targets to maintain the combo for as long as possible.
    • Medal Scores: 4,000 (Bronze) / 5,000 (Silver) / 6,000 (Gold)
    • Loadout: Renetti (Handgun)
  • Trial Three: Risky Parkour on Livestock - Available August 30
    • Move through each checkpoint and finish the course as quickly as possible. Beware the heavy toxic gas on low ground.
    • Medal Times: 0:55:00 (Bronze) / 0:47:00 (Silver) / 0:40:00 (Gold)
    • Loadout: Combat Knife
  • Trial Four: Shooting Range on King - Available August 31
    • Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition.
    • Medal Times: 0:50:00 (Bronze) / 0:40:00 (Silver) / 0:30:00 (Gold)
    • Loadout: Assorted Weapons
  • Trial Five: Marksman Challenge Starts on Custom Marksman Challenge Map - Available September 1
    • Engage waves of long-distance targets and beat the clock. Missed shots burn time.
    • Medal Times: 3,400 (Bronze) / 3,900 (Silver) / 4,400 (Gold)
    • Loadout: HDR (Sniper Rifle)

The medals you earn determine your rewards, which stack. This means that winning a Gold medal will net you the Bronze, Silver and Gold rewards all together. If you so much as participate in the event, you'll get a special weapon charm, but earning those medals is more than worth your time - you stand to receive XP boosts, skins, vehicle horns and, most importantly, Legendary Weapon Blueprints.

Additionally, the points you earn during the event all count towards the total score of your home country, based on your account's registered location. These points are tracked on global leaderboards, fostering some healthy rivalries and motivating players to show the world their countrymen are the best gamers!


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