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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 is nearly here

Call of Duty: Vanguard is gearing up for another round of new content and events. Season 3 is almost here, launching later this week with new weapons, new operators, new maps, and a special crossover of colossal proportions.

Vanguard and Warzone continue to be integrated, sharing a lot of seasonal content. In this post we'll be focusing on the new additions hitting Vanguard multiplayer, and will take a look at Warzone in another. Season 3 will be launching on the 27th of April, this Wednesday.

Classified Arms

The overarching theme this season will be top of the line secret armaments, informing both a map and the new weapons you can acquire as you progress through the Battle Pass. Not only does this theme give new weapons a starring role, but the developers are also using it as a cheeky move to keep information about the stuff being released later on in the season under wraps - they're "classified" after all.

Alongside the main theme, there is another, more limited event happening during Season 3. Having secured a crossover, fan-favorite kaiju Godzilla and King Kong will step off the big screen and straight into Warzone - though the effects of this crossover will be felt in Multiplayer as well, with the season's other map dedicated to monster movies, and plenty of cosmetics paying homage to the beasties.

Operators, Weapons and Equipment

Three new operators, four new weapons and one new Field Upgrade are joining the battle in Season 3.

Mateo Hernandez, Florence Carter, and Kim Tae Young are the members of S.O.T.F. 008, the latest task force put together by Captain Butcher. Mateo will be available as an Operator as soon as the season launches, while his teammates will be dropping in later on.

The first two weapons hitting the game with Classified Arms don't really sell the theme on their own - you'll have to wait for mid-season drops to get the truly "classified" stuff. Available at launch is the M1916 Marksman Rifle and the Nikita AVT: Assault Rifle.

Joining the arsenal later on is the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer - a melee weapon that the developers at Sledgehammer are understandably enthusiastic about - and the H4 Blixen, an SMG we know very little about. Hence "classified".

If Vanguard isn't your first Call of Duty experience, chances are you're already familiar with the Trophy System Field Upgrade. This useful device that neutralizes thrown equipment like grenades before they can affect you will be available to all players right at the start of Season 3, without needing any unlocks or progress.

Maps and Zombies

When it comes to the maps, we're getting a pair of new stomping grounds which each reference one of the two seasonal themes, respectively. Mayhem takes the fight to a retro monster movie's set piece, allowing players to tromp through a downsized destructible cityscape as if they themselves were the kaiju - an illusion helped by Godzilla and King Kong themed cosmetics.

Arriving later in the season is Sphere, a two-level claustrophobic secret weapons development facility full of unfinished prototypes and tight corners promoting CQC. The devs are once again tight lipped about the details of Sphere, since this too is classified information.

Zombies isn't getting a lot of attention this time around - you'll be able to unlock the new weapons from Multiplayer in the co-op mode as well, plus 20 new challenges will offer some new rewards to work towards. That said, Treyarch is working on the continuation of the storyline and the next big Zombies update as we speak, and should be ready to kick things into gear shortly after Season 3 ends.


Season 3 is also kicking off a new Ranked season. If your skills are up to snuff and you're ready to square up with the best PvP players in Vanguard, there are plenty of exclusive rewards waiting for you, including blueprints and camos.

Season 3 in Call of Duty: Vanguard kicks off April 27th, so get ready!


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