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Call Of Duty: Warzone - All POW Dog Tag Locations Guide

The explosive 80s Action Heroes mid-season update is chugging along in Call of Duty: Warzone, with all kinds of Die Hard and First Blood themed challenges and activities being available for a limited time. The John McClane and John Rambo operators aren't the only easter eggs available in the game, and one of the challenges has you collecting POW dog tags from survival camps.

Mission Accomplished Challenge

These POW dog tags are part of the event-only Mission Accomplished challenge that players need to complete before the 18th of June when the next season begins. In a callback to the plot of First Blood, back before there was a Rambo franchise and the anti-war message was still intact, several survival camps have been scattered throughout Verdansk as a homage to the movie.

It might seem a bit imbalanced when Die Hard gets the entire Nakatomi Plaza added, complete with a vault you can open - but hey, it's not like the devs could plop a jungle into the middle of Eastern Europe, right?


These survival camps each contain one Fallen Soldier Tag, and there are a total of 10 such camps found throughout the map. Luckily you only need to collect 3 tags to complete the Mission Accomplished challenge, but the tags do not respawn during the match and you're not the only player after them.

To complete the challenge, beat other players to three of these camps and collect the Fallen Soldier Tags.

Dog Tag Locations

If you head to the CIA command center in the Verdansk Airport, you'll be able to have the camp locations marked on your map. However, these markers disappear after the end of the match, and the camps are always in the same place, so there is no need to waste time - you can collect the tags themselves without having the camps marked.

Below you'll find a map with all of the survival camp locations marked, allowing you got find them easily without having to drop at the airport or leg it there each match!

The dog tags themselves are large pickups and easy to find, placed very obviously. you can't miss them.


In order to complete the Mission Accomplished challenge, you need to collect three Fallen Soldier Tags. The good thing is that you don't need to collect these within the span of a single match, which would undoubtedly make the challenge way harder to complete since the tags do not respawn during the match after a player collects them.

CIA Command Center at the Verdansk Airport

This means you can just pick one of the camps as your drop point each time you play a match until you hit the three tags required to complete Mission Accomplished - it isn't a particularly difficult challenge. However if you do want to collect all three in a single match to test yourself, here's what we recommend:

The best place to drop is the survival camp just north of the Verdansk Hospital - it's the one basically in the middle of the map. The reason this is the best drop point is because there are four other camps nearby, two in either direction, giving you a good chance of rushing over and picking up the remaining two tags you need quickly before other players get to them.

Again, this is entirely up to you, since you can just pick up the tags across multiple matches.


So what do you get for completing the Mission Accomplished challenge? The reward for collecting three Fallen Soldier Tags is a Rare Calling Card called 'Action Packed', which won't be available to acquire in any way after the event ends on the 18th of June - so make sure to grab those dog tags while you can!

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