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Call Of Duty: Warzone - Nakatomi Plaza Vault Guide, All Keycards

Sure, being able to play as Rambo or John McClane is cool and all, but the outstanding addition to Call of Duty: Warzone in the recently released 80s Action Heroes midseason update is Nakatomi Plaza. The iconic building has replaced the Broadcast Tower in Verdansk for a month, and enterprising players can attempt to succeed where Hans Gruber failed and crack open the vault.

You'll need to collect a set of keycards to be able to access the vault and the treasures within, and finding them is no mean feat. With this guide you'll be able to access the vault and open up the three safety deposit boxes sitting inside for a quick buck.

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What is Inside the Vault?

The Nakatomi Plaza vault is located on the 31st floor, one of five which have fully detailed interior spaces. This is the tallest building ever to be featured in Warzone to date and is a combat hotspot since everyone wants to take in the sights before it disappears on the 18th of June - and no doubt plenty of players are after the fortune in the vault.


So what is it you're actually after? Located inside the vault are three safety deposit boxes and a total of $100,000 just lying around the vault, which is enough of a payday to make anything in the Buy Stations more than affordable. To actually enter the vault, you only need a single keycard, but in order to unlock all three boxes you'll need to complete three challenges to unlock these keycards and make off with the whole loot.

The tactical advantage of rolling around in that kind of cash cannot be overstated - some of the items available at Buy Stations are legitimately game-changing and could mean the difference between victory and a quick trip to the gulag. The extra goodies and loot actually inside the boxes is even more valuable.

Since you can open the vault and the safety deposit boxes in both Battle Royale and Plunder, you can take on the challenge in your preferred mode - Plunder does offer easier redeployment options, if you're in it for the novelty of cracking the vault before the event ends but aren't a pro. It also helps to have some friends helping, as soloing these challenges will be a gargantuan task.

How To Get The Keycards

There are a total of three keycards you can acquire in Warzone as mentioned above, all of which have different unlock conditions. Just one is enough to enter the vault itself, but you need to get all three to unlock every safety deposit box and get all that juicy loot. They also unlock different rewards, so if you don't think you'll be able to grab the full trio, you can prioritize based on the bounty.

Keycard 1

This one is fairly easy to complete, and with a bit of preparation you can boost your chances. If you are aiming to max out the keycards, it's a good idea to drop near the actual Nakatomi Plaza building in the first place, but that word of advice is doubly true in this case.

To unlock the first keycard, you need to complete an Unfinished Business Contract, which is a new limited-time contract available only as part of this current update. These contracts can be picked up around the ground floor of Nakatomi Plaza.

Something to note is that the special event-only missions and contracts are limited to one per match - once a team picks it up, they won't respawn, meaning you need to beeline it to the contract item to ensure your chance at finding the keycard.

Unfinished Business is essentially just a fancier version of Scavenger, where you need to find and open three crates in a specific sequence. The crate that needs to be opened is marked on your map, and upon doing so the next one will appear too.

In the third and final crate of the Unfinished Business contract is the first keycard. Simply grab it, and you are ready to head back to the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza to enter the vault - or to go and get the other two keycards.

The special reward found inside the safety deposit box you can open with Keycard 1 is some Specialist Bonus Tokens.

Keycard 2

To get the second keycard, you'll have to complete another event-specific side mission. This is where the advantage of rolling with a team comes into play - with multiple players cooperating, you have a much better chance of grabbing the missions, because when you are playing solo another operator is likely to pick up the other missions even if you reach one first.

This time around the mission you need to complete is Hostile Fire. To maximize your chances of getting this contract, land on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza and disarm the first C4 bomb you find - this is what starts the contract that requires you to disarm 4 more.

The location of the C4 bombs will be marked on your map, and they will all be located around the upper floors of the building, but there is an added obstacle - starting this contract spawns a hostile NPC helicopter that will try to shoot you down while you look for the explosives. Occasionally it stops shooting to change position, which is your window of opportunity.

After you disarmed the fourth and final C4 bomb, you'll be able to get the second keycard.

Unlocking its safety deposit box will net you an Advanced UAV.

Keycard 3

There's a pattern here - the third keycard can be earned by completing the third timed-exclusive contract related to Nakatomi Plaza in some way. This time the contract you are looking for is Deal Gone Wrong, which you can start (and complete) in the subterranean parking lot beneath Nakatomi Plaza. There is a set of stairs outside the Plaza that lead straight down to the parking garage of the Plaza.

Head down underground and find the white van with the open trunk that has some gear crates inside - this will let you start the Deal Gone Wrong contract, which will spawn 2 waves of NPC opponents that you need to gun down. The white van is found on the P2 level.

The contract itself isn't hard, but there is a twist - other players can attack you while you are busy with the NPCs opponents, and if they kill you during an attempt they are allowed to take over and complete the contract instead of you.

There is an obvious tactical advantage in ambushing enemy players while they are distracted with the contract, and they will even make it easier for you since they'll likely have already killed some of the spawned enemies. Use this to your benefit.

Once completed, Deal Gone Wrong will reward you with the third and final keycard.

The bonus reward here is a Contraband Weapon Blueprint.

Now go out there and crack that vault!

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