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Call of Duty: Warzone 'Pro Pack' Bundle Now Available

Infinity Ward has released a new bundle called the 'Pro Pack' in collaboration with Raven Software. The pack is available for purchase through the in-game store for $19.99. You cannot purchase the bundle using COD Points and so you will have to go to your 'Franchise Store' to buy the pack using real money.

Currently, the pack is only available for PC and Xbox One players. It is expected to be released for the PS4 soon.

This starter pack contains many goodies, including bonus content such as the infamous Ghost operator skin, COD points, and a lot more.

The following is a complete list of items that you get in this bundle.

  • 2,400 COD Points
  • 'Winter Theatre' - Epic Operator Skin for Ghost
  • 'Klondike' - Legendary LMG Blueprint for FiNN
  • 'Bonanza' - Legendary Handgun Blueprint for .357 Revolver
  • 'Lie In Wait' - Rare Calling Card
  • 'Weave Your Magic' - Rare Emblem
  • 60 Minute Double Battle Pass XP Token
  • 60 Minute Double Weapon XP Token

The collaboration between Raven and Infinity Ward has resulted in a range of content being put out for both Modern Warfare and Warzone, and that in turn has been quite profitable for Activision as publisher.

Given the success that this duo has had, we can definitely expect a lot more content in the future from them. For what it's worth, we think that the pack offers great value for money.


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