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Call Of Duty: Warzone's Rebirth Island Darkened By Ash Cloud After Verdansk Nuke

Following the recent nuclear strike on the Verdansk map in Call of Duty: Warzone, players of the standalone free to play battle royale game are stuck playing on the smaller Rebirth Island map - and even that got changed. Ash and smoke from the explosion has blotted out the sun, and a new area is now accessible.

Part II of the Destruction of Verdansk event is live after the Part I playlist with the nuclear strike concluded. Warzone players cannot enter a match set in Verdansk anymore, with Rebirth Island's 'night mode' being the only accessible location. If you look out towards the direction of Verdansk, you'll see the signs of the nuclear fallout, and some new Night Vision items have been scattered around the map to help survive the darkness.

According to the in-game timeline, any match played on this version of Rebirth Island is set 15 minutes after the missile struck Verdansk, making it a very close follow-up. You'd think if a major city you're off the shore of just got nuked, you'd stop frantically running around looting and shooting, but hey - this is still a battle royale game.

Night Vision goggles can be picked up as loot throughout the map, aiding you in surviving the battle despite the low-light conditions, and a new Control Center location has been added to the map which players can now access. Currently, Control Center doesn't have any actual functionality, but we imagine this will change when Part III of the event kicks off later today.

Players being restricted to Rebirth Island when playing Warzone is definitely just a temporary measure, as soon we'll be returning to a changed Verdansk - the map is getting a redesign to make it look like it's the 1980's. Previously we only had leaks to go on, but now an official teaser site for the map update is viewable too.

The event will continue shortly, and we expect the 'night mode' version of the Rebirth Island map to be just as temporary as the lack of access to Verdansk, though expect some permanent changes to the smaller location too. We imagine Control Center will stay open even after it has served its purpose. With Season 3 sharing the Hunt for Adler event with Warzone, we expect all of these disruptions to be temporary in order to allow players to progress with their challenges.

Stay tuned as we bring you all the breaking news from the Destruction of Verdansk event!


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Aron Gerencser
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