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Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Mid-Season Update Content Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are getting their mid-season update: 80's Action Heroes. While the overarching theme of the content drop was revealed a while ago, the details of what we can expect have only just come to light. Here's everything coming to Verdansk on the 20th of May.

Rambo & John McClane Operator Bundles

The stars of the mid-season update are a pair of legendary action heroes, and were the first vestiges of the new content to be revealed. Jump into the combat boots of John Rambo, a Special Forces vet marked by the hell that is war, or take control of John McClane, an NYPD detective who unwittingly gets thrusted into a dangerous showdown with terrorists.


We now know the exact conditions of how Warzone's first crossover operators will become accessible - via exclusive Operator Bundles available only for a limited time. The first of these bundles contains the Rambo Legendary Operator alongside some extra goodies that make the play experience all the more authentic: three Legendary Weapon Blueprints including an assault rifle, an LMG and a Knife Blueprint; a Legendary Calling Card and Emblem; an Epic Watch and Charm; and two finishing moves, one of which homages Rambo's iconic bow despite it not making it into the game as a full blown weapon.

Swap the PTSD for some witty one-liners with the Die Hard operator bundle, including the legendary John McClane operator, a Finishing Move, three Legendary Weapon Blueprints—one tactical rifle, two SMG, and one assault rifle—a Legendary Calling Card and Emblem, an Epic Watch, and an Epic Weapon Charm. Something something yippie-ka-yay.

Both of these limited-time operator bundles will be available for purchase in-game through the 18th of June, giving you a full month to access these 80s Action Heroes in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Note that we're not talking about skins for existing operators, but full-fledged operators themselves.

Warzone Map Changes

We've already covered the welcome surprise that is the inclusion of Nakatomi Plaza in-game, but the iconic setting of Die Hard shaking up the Verdansk skyline isn't the only map change coming to Warzone.

Still, the addition of the tower with a detailed interior is a feature that begets more attention. The huge building is the tallest structure in the city of Verdansk, and five of its floors have been fully detailed with interior locations you can explore, all of which were pulled from iconic scenes that everyone recognizes from Die Hard.

Aside from plenty of homages scattered throughout the lobby and upper floors, Nakatomi Plaza also packs a surprising amount of functionality. You can crawl through the ventilation ducts to recreate one of the most famous shots from the film, scale the exterior of the tower with ascenders and complete bonus missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder modes for some exclusive rewards that will disappear when the tower does.

There's also one more fancy bit of functionality - if you think you've got what it takes to succeed where Hans gruber failed, seek out the access keys to the Nakatomi Plaza Vault and crack it open to escape with the riches. Be prepared though, as other players are bound to be after this coveted prize as well. The Plaza has temporarily replaced the broadcast tower in downtown Verdansk, so make sure to head there during your next match.

Rambo fans need not feel left out either, as Nakatomi Plaza isn't the only map addition arriving to Verdansk with 80s Action Heroes. Throughout the city and surrounding countryside, makeshift Survival Camps have been set up as a callback to locations seen in Rambo: First Blood Part II. Not only will these camps be loot hotspots, but they'll also hide special collectibles - you can find the dog tags of fallen soldiers, 10 in total.

The dog tags are more than just a scavenger hunt easter egg mechanic, and tie into the final Rambo-related location: the CIA field outpost set up in one of the Verdansk Airport hangars. Bring the dog tags you find in the camps to this location for a special air-dropped prize. All of these Die Hard and Rambo inspired locations will stay in Verdansk through the 18th of June.

Limited Time Mode: Power Grab

Taking a page from Hollywood's book, Warzone cranks the action up past 11 with this brand new limited time mode that's bound to be the most intense battle royale experience in a Call of Duty game yet. In Power Grab, the number of players duking it out in Verdansk is upped to 100, dropped into a smaller starting circle with more severe collapses to keep you all close by.

There are some key difference here beyond the increased player count and decreased circle sizes - for one, there is no Gulag. Instead, squads can either pay for your respawn at Buy Stations, or earn a redeployment by collecting enough dog tags. This mechanic sees every player drop a dog tag upon death, and collecting these will fill up a reward track containing UAVs, gas masks, specialist bonuses and respawn tokens.

Dog tags can also be earned via contracts, and if you are very lucky they might even appear as loot in supply boxes - but keep in mind that now there are way more players competing for these. At the end of the day though, your end goal is the same: slay the opposition and be the last squad standing.

Weapons & Equipment

Such is the nature of these 80s Action Heroes that some of their iconic gear can only appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in a limited capacity. Unfortunately we didn't get a proper bow with the Rambo bundle, but his finishing move isn't the only place where it appears - the new Combat Bow killstreak lets you wreak havoc on enemy vehicles and infantry alike with explosive arrows.

While we're on the topic of weapons with a surprising twist, the Ballistic Knife has also made the leap from regular multiplayer to be available in Warzone as well. A great choice for stealth kills both at range and in melee, the Ballistic Knife is a fan favorite reaching back to the original Black Ops.

Multiplayer Maps & Modes

Season 3 Reloaded is bringing plenty of new content to Black Ops Cold War multiplayer as well, so Warzone isn't the only mode getting some love. Standoff, playable in 6v6 modes, is a nostalgic callback to one of Black Ops 2's most popular maps, while the Outbreak location Duga can now be played in multi-team without having to worry about ravenous undead.

Two limited time game modes are also coming to multiplayer in homage of Die Hard and Rambo. Die Hardpoint is a point-capturing game mode where players race to secure 200 points, with the real twist being an unusual death mechanic that lets you join the fight even after you go down. Coming in the second week of Season 3 Reloaded is Rambo's Gun Game, which shakes up the regular Gun Game mode with the addition of the Combat Bow, War Machine, RPG-7, Death Machine and Stimshots.

Zombies Content

The battle against Omega Group and the undead plague enters a new chapter with Main Quests. The first Main Quest will go live with the update, bringing a new angle of storytelling to Outbreak whilst setting the stage of the next round-based Zombies map coming in Season 4. A new world event that has you hunt Orda beasts has also been added.

When you have a brief moment of respite from the undead onslaught, grab one of the many fishing poles scattered throughout Outbreak maps and reel in some unique rewards. Meanwhile, the limited-time Cranked 2: No Time To Crank mode has hit Firebase Z and Die Machine.

Keep an eye on our feed for guides and more midseason update content after it's released!

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