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Warzone Season 4 Teaser Hints At Captain Price Operator

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is in full swing, with some content still waiting to be released. Activision, however, is already hyping up Season 4 with less-than-cryptic teasers, including a video that pretty much confirms who the next featured Operator will be.

The first small hint was very easy to miss, especially if you haven't downloaded the Call of Duty companion app on any of your devices. A notification was sent in the app informing players of some secret meeting that will happen today.

Today's official newsletter then included a link to an all-new promotional website with all sorts of pseudo-military computer interface designs and "mwseason" in the URL. The site has an embedded video, most of which is more of the interface fluff, but some of the images that pop up include an unmistakable character.

John Price, the remake counterpart to the fan-favorite main character of the classic Modern Warfare series, is making a return and will almost certainly be the featured operator of Season 4. This was inevitable considering the huge popularity of the character and we're happy to see that the developers didn't wait longer than until Season 4 to include him.

However, there is another interesting piece of information to be found on the promotional site. In the fine print legalese at the very bottom, the list of copyright information also refers to "Call of Duty: Black Ops". Other than this, only Call of Duty itself, Modern Warfare, and Activision are among the trademarks, so it's not like every related title is listed.

This is particularly interesting due to recent leaks indicating that this year's Call of Duty title will be a soft reboot of the Black Ops sub-series, with a return to the Cold War era. At the same time, Bunker 11's opening in Warzone was also considered to be a hint at an upcoming crossover, since a decommissioned Cold War nuke can be found inside.

At this point the fact that there is a Black Ops game coming is the worst kept secret in the industry, and some form of cross-promotion is inevitable. We're interested to see where Season 4 takes the game and how Captain Price and nukes factor into all of it.


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Aron Gerencser
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