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Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4's PlayStation Exclusive Content Overview

Infinity Ward dropped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 suddenly and unexpectedly a couple of days ago, following a delay from the original release date of June 3 as part of Activision's statement of solidarity with black people and everyone protesting against police brutality.

Now that it's out, some of the content has been revealed to be exclusively available on PlayStation 4.

The first and most important detail - none of the timed exclusives pertain to Warzone. They're both in Modern Warfare only, and the standalone free-to-play battle royale has no content discrepancies between platforms. This is likely deliberate to prevent the player base from fracturing.

A weapon blueprint and a map are included in the timed exclusive content, which will only become available on Xbox One and PC in October this year. Until then, you're out of luck if you're not playing on a PS4.

The exclusive map is Survival Talsik Backlot. The regular version of the Talsik Backlot map was introduced on all platforms back in Season 3, but now you can return to it in the co-op Survival game mode. With plenty of interior and exterior spaces, you can structure your defense and establish a fall-back zone in the upper levels of the main building.

You can also unlock the Epic Cold Rift weapon blueprint by completing the Aristocratic Champion mission from the barracks. The blueprint consists of a special customized Delta SMG with attachments intended to boost mobility and ADS speed, while ensuring endurance and accuracy with a 40 round mag and a targeting laser. Also included is an exclusive weapon perk called "Frangible Disabling".

This weapon perk slows down enemy movement speed and temporarily disables tactical spring if you shoot at their legs. You can use this oddly specific perk to make tracking a moving target easier, or to slow down an enemy in a losing fight, giving you the perfect opportunity to slip away and stay alive.


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