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Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content Overview

As before, the release of Season 5 in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare brought a huge amount of new content to the game, some of which is only available to players on PlayStation 4.

This timed exclusive content will later unlock on PC and Xbox One, however players on those platforms will need to wait for access until at least the 1st of October, 2020. Let's take a look at what exactly everyone else is missing out on.

Usually the PS4 exclusive content is mostly relegated to Modern Warfare multiplayer, while Warzone's additions are available to all, in order to be more accessible and inviting. This is the case in Season 5 as well.

The timed exclusive content this time around includes the Crash Survival Map. The Survival game mode as a whole is a timed exclusive mode for PlayStation 4, and now the Crash map, also available in other modes, has been added to the playlist.

This is the content everyone gets.

A new football themed combat pack is also available for free if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. The Season 5 Combat Pack includes a new Zane skin complete with a sports jersey, as well as a bunch of other goodies to show off your preferred ball game:

  • Epic Zane ‘The Footballer’ skin (This skin unlocks the Operator, if not already owned)
  • Epic ‘On the Volley’ Weapon Blueprint
  • Epic ‘Injury Time’ Watch
  • Epic ‘The Sparks’ Charm
  • Epic ‘Stunning Strike’ Calling Card
  • Epic ‘Sparks Pride’ Emblem
  • 60 Minute Double XP Token

PlayStation 4 players can also earn some exclusive rewards by playing missions, including the Grand Rapids weapon blueprint not available on other platforms. This blueprint is pre-customized with a number of attachments gearing it for a high-mobility playstyle. You can use the Grand Rapids in a Warzone loadout if you wish, making this essentially the only piece of exclusive content aside of the Combat Pack's contents to actually affect Warzone in any meaningful way.

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