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Troubleshooting - Error Codes And What They Mean

No matter how many resources a major AAA publisher throws at an online game, sometimes there are bound to be a few wrenches in the system. Whether servers are ill-equipped to deal with high player numbers or an unexpected error boots everyone from the game, technical difficulties can put the brakes on the fun anytime.

Sometimes, when Call of Duty: Warzone encounters an error, there's something you can do about it - let this guide be your troubleshooting companion.

The problem with online games is that very often when there's a problem, it's on the server side. This means you can't work your tech savvy magic to get it up and running again. In this case, you'd need to wait for the folks over at Activision to solve the problem.


That said, occasionally the error does happen on your end. If you're not in-the-know, it may be difficult to recognize which of the who situations you're in. We've collected the various error codes that Call of Duty: Warzone will throw onto your screen when all is not well.

Dev Error 6071

The most common error code in Warzone is "dev error 6071".

You'll see this error code right after launching the game and it will prevent you from actually playing. The underlying issues that cause this code are deep in the game so a permanent fix is something Activision needs to come up with, but there are a few tricks that have helped players. It's a fifty-fifty chance that these fixes will work for you, but they're worth a try.

Basically, you need to go through your standard checklist when it comes to any error. Run the game as an administrator, update the game, update your console/OS, and set the game to run in fullscreen borderless mode instead of true fullscreen.

If you use various game overlays or system monitoring software - things like the GeForce Experience overlay, FPS meters or recording software - try running the game with these turned off. Running a file integrity check is also recommended.

Many players have reported that these fixes helped solve the 6071 error, while even more report that it didn't do the trick. We'll just have to wait for an official patch to provide a permanent solution.

Error 6065, 6066, 6068

This is a known error to the developers and is caused by various GPU architectures. There isn't a reliable homebrew fix for this, though it's recommended to try playing the game at default or lower settings, as these three errors are usually caused by maxing out VRAM capacity.

Error 6328, 6323

These are easy to fix, you simply need to run a file integrity check and repair your installation.

DirectX Error

This error straight up prevents COD: Warzone from launching in most cases, but the solution is easy. If you are running MSi Afterburner, RivaTuner or other similar system monitors, make sure to turn them off before running the game.

We'll be constant updating this guide as patches fix errors, new errors appear or we learn more about the codes already discussed.

Aron Gerencser
Aron has been playing FPS games on PC for as long as he can remember. While he prefers single-player titles, the occasional battle royale doesn't hurt and Call of Duty: Warzone is Aron's go-to. When not writing in-depth guides or covering the latest news about the game, he's probably editing - or dropping into Verdansk. You can also find Aron on Facebook.


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