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Cold War Warzone Season 3 Content & Battle Pass Tier List

The final season of Black Ops Cold War & Warzone is here and has a lot on offer to conclude the life cycle of Black Ops Cold War. While this is not the end of Warzone, Season 6 is our farewell to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone integration, in order to welcome the next chapter - Vanguard and Warzone integration.

Season 6 is action-packed with all-new weapons, operators, a horror-filled Halloween event, and more. Here's everything added in Season 6 of Warzone.

New Weapons

Season 6 introduces several weapons, including melee weapons. Two weapons are acquired through battle pass progression, and the rest are unlocked through challenges or bundle purchases. The following are the new weapons added in Season 6.

.410 Ironhide

The new level-action shotgun is a new free weapon unlocked when you reach battle pass tier 15. Since the gun is free, you do not need to buy the premium version of the battle pass.


GRAV is a full-auto assault rifle that is unlocked by reaching battle pass tier 31.

Battle Axe

Battle Axe is a two-handed melee weapon that can be unlocked by completing a challenge or buying 'The Berserker' bundle from the store.

You need to get a kill with a gun, melee weapon, and piece of lethal equipment in the same life in 15 different completed matches. The challenge is a bit tedious, but the battle axe is fun to use.


LAPA is a new full-auto submachine gun that will be added later in the season. The SMG is obtained as a reward during the haunting event, or it can be unlocked by purchasing a weapon blueprint in the store.

Hammer & Sickle

Similar to Sai, Hammer & Sickle is also a dual-wield melee weapon added in the game later during season 6. It can be unlocked by completing a challenge or buying a bundle from the store.

New Operators

Two new Operators have been introduced, including the original black ops protagonist, Mason.

Feel free to check out our complete list of all the operators from both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone here.


Mason is unlocked as an instant reward for buying the Season 6 battle pass.


Fuze will be available later in the season as part of 'The Fuze Operator' bundle.

The Original Gulag

A slightly modified version of the original gulag from Season 1 of Modern Warfare (2019) Warzone makes its triumphant return.

New Game Mode

A new game mode called 'Scopes and Scatterguns' has been introduced in Warzone. This mode allows you to play the battle royale using a shotgun and a sniper only. The sniper also includes the marksman rifles of the game.

The loot is limited, and there are no loadouts in the game. This game mode is all about scavenging the weapons and looting, as should be, for a typical battle royale game mode.

Your starting weapon will be the new Marshal pistol (shotgun variant).

New Points of Interest

As confirmed by Raven, season 6 is the last we will see of Verdansk, and this time for good. We are already getting a new Pacific theme map with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

We already have some massive changes within Verdansk that indicate its destruction. There are several new points of interest (POI) due to the seismic fiasco caused by the manipulated Adler.


Downtown Verdansk

Multiple buildings within Downtown Verdansk have collapsed. There is a vast fissure running along the northwestern part up to the east. The iconic BCH4 TV station has also fallen.

Verdansk Stadium

Unfortunately, the stadium also suffered quite a hit from the seismic activity causing a fissure to run through the middle of the stadium destroying everything in its path, including the stands. The crane held in place in the stadium has toppled over with a large piece of land surfacing out.

South of Radar Array

South of the radar array has a shallow crack running that now serves as cover from camping snipers on top of the array towers. This was not the case before as it was an open area without any cover, leaving you to be a clear target for the snipers.

Verdansk Hospital

The area running from the gas station and apartments across the streets from the hospital to the hilltop by the hospital has also been affected severely. This left large fissures and shallow cracks great for cover during gunfights. Before this, it was easy to get shot from the hilltops.


There are three new bunkers added in Verdansk that can be accessed for high-value loot. These bunkers call for close-quarter combat (CQC) and need a CQC weapon such as a shotgun or an SMG to fight through the enemies.

Battle Pass Tier List

Tier Unlock Free/Premium
Bonus Bundle Panda Bear – Legendary Bulldozer Skin Premium
Bonus Bundle Red Bear – Legendary Bulldozer Skin Premium
Bonus Bundle Pain Bear – Legendary Bulldozer Skin Premium
Instant Reward Alaska – Legendary Mason Skin Premium
Instant Reward Agent Zero – Epic Adler Skin Premium
Instant Reward Aquatic – Epic Watch Premium
Instant Reward Season 6 XP Boost Premium
1 Disintegration – Legendary Sticker Free
2 Pandamonium – Epic Calling Card Premium
3 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
4 Tinfoil Hat – Rare Charm Premium
5 Lycan Hunter – Legendary Milano 821 Blueprint Premium
6 100 COD Points Free
7 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
8 Off Slope (BOCW) – Epic Vehicle Skin & Off Course (MW) – Epic Vehicle Skin Premium
9 Saint Death – Legendary Emblem Premium
10 Dispatch – Rare Portnova Skin Premium
11 Puppeteer – Rare Sticker Premium
12 100 COD Points Premium
13 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
14 Blue Dot – Rare Reticle Premium
15 .410 Ironhide (Shotgun) – New Weapon Free
16 Coin Flip – Epic Gesture Premium
17 100 COD Points Premium
18 Broom Stick – Epic Hauer Blueprint Premium
19 Axe Murder – Legendary Finishing Move Premium
20 Admiral – Rare Sims Skin Premium
21 Final Chapter – Legendary Diamatti Blueprint Free
22 45 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
23 100 COD Points Premium
24 Gravitas – Rare XM4 Blueprint Free
25 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
26 Ocean Maze (BOCW) – Rare Vehicle Skin & Ladbyrinth (MW) – Rare Vehicle Skin Premium
27 Cemetery Thorn – Legendary Pellington Blueprint Premium
28 Centerfire – Rare Reticle Free
29 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
30 Enforcer – Rare Powers Skin Premium
31 Grav (Assault Rifle) – New Weapon Free
32 100 COD Points Premium
33 Unstable Ground – Legendary Calling Card Premium
34 Carnival Troupe – Legendary Watch Free
35 Heretic – Rare DMR 14 Blueprint Premium
36 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
37 Jack-O-Lantern – Epic Gesture Free
38 Cat Nip – Legendary AK-47 Blueprint Premium
39 Clean Break – Rare Vehicle Skin Free
40 Field Day – Rare Woods Skin Premium
41 100 COD Points Premium
42 Carnival Cannon – Epic Stoner 63 Blueprint Premium
43 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
44 Electrons – Legendary Emblem Free
45 Fabricator – Rare KSP 45 Blueprint Premium
46 15 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
47 Forcefield – Rare Reticle Premium
48 100 COD Points Free
49 Cthulhu – Epic Calling Card Premium
50 Garrison – Rare Beck Skin Premium
51 Missing Link – Epic Magnum Blueprint Premium
52 Bloody Hell – Rare Emblem Premium
53 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
54 Piano Cat – Rare Charm Premium
55 Carnival Prize – Legendary MP5 Skin Free
56 100 COD Points Premium
57 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
58 Bad Look – Rare Sticker Premium
59 Poseidon – Epic QBZ-83 Blueprint Premium
60 Checker – Rare Park Skin Premium
61 Ouija – Rare Reticle Free
62 Silver Diver – Epic Watch Premium
63 30 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
64 Hulking Monster – Legendary Calling Card Free
65 Creepy Crawler – Legendary Bullfrog Blueprint Premium
66 100 COD Points Premium
67 Pack-A-Punch – Rare Sticker Free
68 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
69 Class Ring – Epic Charm Premium
70 Extraction – Rare Baker Skin Premium
71 Presidential – Legendary 1911 Blueprint Premium
72 Black Ops Mixtape – Legendary War Track Free
73 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
74 100 COD Points Premium 
75 Shell Shocked – Legendary Sticker Premium
76 Bonfire – Legendary Groza Blueprint Premium
77 Tomehawked – Epic Calling Card Free
78 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
79 Ruck Sack – Epic Emblem Premium
80 Dagger – Rare Song Skin Premium
81 Conjurer – Legendary M16 Skin Free
82 100 COD Points Premium
83 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
84 Skate Deck – Epic Charm Free
85 Panda Bite – Legendary AK-74u Blueprint Premium
86 Creeping Thought – Rare Sticker Premium
87 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
88 Structure – Rare Reticle Free
89 Carnival Game – Legendary Streetsweeper Blueprint Premium
90 Guardian – Epic Antonov Skin Premium
91 100 COD Points Premium
92 Shooting Gallery – Legendary Calling Card Premium
93 Cold Feet – Legendary Watch Premium
94 Glorious Death – Epic Emblem Free
95 Kill Shot – Ultra .410 Ironhide Blueprint Premium
96 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
97 Snippet Van – Legendary Charm Premium
98 100 COD Points Free
99 Magic Lantern – Legendary Emblem Premium
100 Aurora Borealis – Ultra Mason Skin, Art Deco – Legendary Grav Blueprint, Harsh Angle (BOCW) – Legendary Vehicle Skin & Dazzle Wagon (MW) – Legendary Vehicle Skin and Season Six Legendary Emblem Premium


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