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Confirmed Maps List for Black Ops Cold War at Launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to release on November 13, 2020, and we have a list of confirmed maps that will be available at launch.

Some of you are probably already familiar with these maps thanks to the beta weekend. More maps will be added as we get more seasons moving forward, of course. The first season of Black Ops Cold War is set to kick off in December.

There are various game modes available in the Black Ops Cold War, and accordingly, some maps will be custom made just for specific game modes. While some maps are built for a standard 6v6 multiplayer experience, other game modes such as Combined Arms and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb have maps that support 12v12 and a 40 player battleground, respectively.

Below, we have a full list of confirmed maps that will be available at launch.

6v6 Maps

These maps only support 6v6 game modes.



Moscow is a standard 6v6 map that has a classic COD map feel to it due to the fast-paced flow of the map. The map size is medium compared to other maps and has a lot of tight spaces that call for a close-quarter combat loadout. Moscow is a three-lane map.


Satellite is a Sniper's haven due to its open design that allows for long-distance engagements. This map is the complete opposite of Moscow or any other CQC friendly map such as Miami. The map is split into two sections, the sand dunes in the open space that allows snipers to take cover behind them, and the rocks with caverns that allow AR/SMG players to navigate through to the other side of the map safely.


Miami is a neon-lit colorful map that takes place in the streets of Miami beside a beach surrounded by a lot of buildings including hotels, bars, and clubs. There is a lot of room for cover and CQC engagements, especially indoors.

There are many different routes that you can take in Miami due to the number of alleyways present on the map. This gives you endless possibilities on how you want to engage your enemies.

6v6 & 12v12 Maps

These maps support both 6v6 and 12v12 game modes.


Cartel is based in the middle of the jungle in Nicaragua, and contains a number of houses and a huge hangar that makes up for the CQC, with a central sniper tower overlooking the middle open space. Dense bushes in an open middle space help you get into cover if needed.

This map has different variations depending on the number of players and game modes it is played for.


Crossroads is a large map created for both 6v6 and 12v12 game modes featuring a snowy base located on top of one of the rigid mountain areas. There is a frozen lake in the middle of the map that is surrounded by a number of bunkers, tanks, snowmobiles, and a sniper tower.

Players can use the vehicles as an opportunity to cover large distances and overcome the unforgiving rough snowy terrain on this map.

Crossroads is one of the maps that you normally get for the VIP escort game mode.


Armada is set in the middle of the North Sea and features three large battleships, each connected via zipline. The sea battleground is surrounded by a handful of speedboats that can be used by the players to flank the enemies. In addition to the speedboats, the map also offers strategically placed boats with strong mounted guns.

40 Players Maps

These maps are exclusive to the 'Fireteam: Dirty Bomb' game mode.


Ruka is a large-sized map based in the Ural Mountains in the Soviet Union that can house up to 40 players (10 teams of 4 players). This map is specifically designed for the new 'Fireteam: Dirty Bomb' game mode.


Similar to the Ruka map, Alpine is another large-sized map made exclusively for the 'Fireteam: Dirty Bomb' game mode that features an enormous snowy terrain with large mountains, dozens of cabins, and snowmobiles to cover large distances.

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