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DMR-14, MAC-10, and Akimbo Diamatti Pistol Get Nerfed

Below is our recommended DMR-14 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

When the Black Ops Cold War weapons were introduced in Warzone, no one expected them to overpower the already existing Modern Warfare (2019) weapons. But, in fact, some of the Cold War weapons were not only overpowered but completely broken in Warzone.

These weapons include the tactical rifle DMR-14, MAC-10 SMG, and the Akimbo Diamatti pistol. Type 63 tactical rifle was also a bit overpowered but not as much as the DMR.

The DMR was extremely powerful and was able to take out a fully armored enemy player with just two shots to the head or one shot to the head and a body shot or two. In turn, that made the time-to-kill super fast, making a 30 round tactical rifle the "meta" of Warzone. Type 63 was also almost as powerful as the DMR hence the balance to it as well.

The DMR with the right attachments also had pretty much no recoil or minimal recoil for such a hard-hitting weapon. The recoil has also been increased in the new patch.

The DMR was accompanied by the new Diamatti but not just one, but two using the Akimbo attachment. The hip-fire accuracy was way too high, along with the damage the pistols did when dual-wielded. It only took one or two burst shots from these pistols to down an enemy before the new update.

This allowed players to ditch the SMGs they normally run with their long-ranged weapons such as a sniper rifle or a tactical rifle using the Overkill perk. This was especially significant as it allowed them to equip the Ghost perk instead. As you already know, you can only equip either the Ghost perk or Overkill in the second slot.

Thanks to Akimbo Diamatti, the players had a very powerful CQC weapon and the Ghost perk. The Akimbo Diamattis also had a considerably higher damage range. Good hip-fire accuracy plus high damage range equals total annihilation for the enemy player. Guess you can have the best of both worlds after all..or at least you could have.

Raven Software took note of the community outrage and tweeted about a fix on January 6th, 2021.

A small patch went live shortly after that balanced out the aforementioned weapons.

  • DMR: The headshot damage was decreased. The overall headshot damage decreased from 175 to 114. This also resulted in a significant TTK difference when shooting an enemy player in the head when he is fully armored (250 HP). The TTK jumped from 162ms to 324ms. The recoil was also increased.
  • Type 63: The headshot damage was decreased from 175 to 124, and the TTK, when shooting in the head of the enemy with full armor, jumped from 175ms to 350ms.The recoil was also increased.
  • MAC-10: The headshot multiplier was decreased, and the overall headshot damage decreased from 40 to 30, causing the headshot TTK to increase for both base 100 HP and fully armored 250 HP. The headshot TTK for base 100 HP increased from 107ms to 161ms, and the headshot TTK when fully armored increased from 322ms to 429ms.
  • Akimbo Diamatti: Hip-fire accuracy was decreased, resulting in a wider spread, and the overall damage range was decreased. A pistol now acts as a pistol, not an SMG.

Note that these changes are only exclusive to Warzone and not the base game, Black Ops Cold War. Feel free to check out our in-depth stats article covering all the weapons from both Modern Warfare (2019) and Black Ops Cold War.


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