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FARA 83 Loadout Guide For Warzone

Below is our recommended FARA 83 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The FARA 83, introduced in Season 2 of Cold War Warzone, is one of those assault rifles that falls under the "hybrid" class category. Although it is classed as an assault rifle, this weapon is best used if built for short to medium-range engagements, due to its extremely high recoil. Even after putting on the recoil minimizing attachments, this gun has quite a kick to it, and that makes it difficult to take out targets at long range.


On top of the high recoil, the vertical recoil pattern is also complicated to get used to. At close to medium-range, this gun will absolutely annihilate your opponent. However, the MAC-10 still stands atop of any other close-range builds. The FARA 83 also has a slight horizontal bounce.

This build focuses on creating the best FARA 83 class setup, which is viable for Warzone. The focus of this build is on close to medium-range engagements. This weapon is definitely not good for long-distance firefights, which is one of the major cons of this assault rifle. When it comes to being among the ranks of the meta weapons of Warzone, the FARA 83 is not up there with them, unfortunately.

The FARA 83 can be an excellent complement weapon for a sniper or any long-range weapon, but using the FARA 83 alone as your primary would not be sufficient, especially in Warzone. Below, we have what we believe to be the best FARA 83 class setup for Warzone.

You must level up your FARA 83 to at least level 54. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every Cold War weapon in Warzone, along with their unlock level requirements.

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The Agency Suppressor should always be your Muzzle attachment. It is the equivalent of a Monolithic Suppressor for the Cold War weapons. The Agency Suppressor provides a range of benefits in addition to sound suppression, such as better vertical recoil control, increased bullet velocity, and increased effective damage range.

The effective damage range and the vertical recoil control are two major buffs critical for this build as the recoil of the FARA 83 is really high, along with the damage drop-off.

The Agency Suppressor for the FARA 83 unlocks at level 46.


For the Barrel attachment, you would normally go with the longest barrel available, which is the 16.5" Ultralight, but it actually doesn't function as stated in-game (as of March 9, 2021).

The best attachment to go with is the 15.5" Contour, which increases your effective damage range and the bullet velocity, which is what the FARA 83 needs. Remember, we are modifying this weapon to be viable in Warzone, where the range is important. Even if we cannot make this weapon viable for super long distances, it can still be used for short to medium-range.

The 15.5" Contour barrel unlocks at level 21.


The Underbarrel is a no-brainer. You must select the Field Agent Grip that provides both horizontal and vertical recoil control. We are aiming to minimize the recoil on the FARA 83 as much as possible. You would be surprized to know that the weapon, despite all these recoil minimizing attachments, has a bit of a kick to it.

The Field Agent Grip underbarrel unlocks at level 41.


As always, when it comes to the Ammunition attachment, it is best to drop in with 50 or 60 round mags for any AR. You have two options here - STANAG 60 Rnd or Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag. You need 60 rounds or more, especially if you're playing duos or trios.

We recommend going with the regular STANAG 60 Rnd mags and not the Fast Mag, as we've experienced a drastic decrease in aim down speed when using the Fast Mags. The regular mag's reload speed is slow, but you get 60 rounds in exchange for that reload speed penalty.

The STANAG 60 Rnd unlocks at level 34.


Finally, for the Stock attachment, we recommend going with the KGB Pad, which offers a range of benefits such as increased movement speed when you're shooting while aiming down sights, aim walking movement speed, and sprint to fire speed.

The KGB Pad unlocks at level 54.

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