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Infinity Ward has released the final Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta update

Infinity Ward is sending the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta off with a bang.

With so many players having played Modern Warfare 2, Infinity has gotten its hands on the data it needs.

After letting players from the PlayStation as well as Xbox and PC have their own respective turns, Infinity has opened the flood gates and let everyone in. As you can expect, it's all-out mayhem right now in Modern Warfare 2 and we mean that in every good way possible.

With so many players having played Modern Warfare 2, Infinity has gotten its hands on the data it needs. No doubt that the studio is putting the info to good use to prepare MW2 for a seamless launch. In the meantime, Infinity is hoping to gather more intel from hardcore Call of Duty fans by releasing a lot of new stuff for MW2 as the beta comes to a close.

Many speculate that Modern Warfare 2 will set new sales records for the Call of Duty franchise.

As per the patch notes, the most notable MW2 beta changes come in the form of two new maps: Sariff Bay and Sa'id. This means that players now have access to a total of six maps.

But, that's not the only change MW2 players are feeling right now. Another notable fix is the reduced muzzle smoke opacity and increased muzzle flash visibility. This should make it easier for users to track their targets. In addition, enemy footstep sounds are more distinct albeit their footsteps are no longer as pronounced. Finally, there are now a total of six playable MW2 modes after the studio added Ground War and Invasion.


Ground War is a 32v32 mode that adds new vehicles and dynamic combat to Modern Warfare 2. On the other hand, Invasion is set on a large map with 80 combatants ("two teams of 20 players and 20 AI against each other") fighting using everything and everywhere from the ground to the air and even in the water.

For more information about the last Modern Warfare 2 beta update, be sure to check out the patch notes.

Modern Warfare 2 will be going through a lot of changes from now until it comes out next month.

Modern Warfare 2 is close to being released as it's set to come out on October 28. However, if you want to gain early access on October 20, all you have to do is pre-order the digital version. Also, Warzone 2 and the first season of Modern Warfare 2 will launch on November 16.


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