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How To Find The Secret RC-XD Route in Nuketown '84

Just like any other Nuketown map, Nuketown '84 also contains the iconic "secret" RC-XD route that goes from one to spawn another. Nuketown has always been a fan favorite map due to its fast-paced layout that favors close-quarter combat.

The map's overall layout is also incredibly fun, and along with the general layout, we also have a secret route that you can benefit from if you are running the RC-XD scorestreak. Many of you COD veterans are probably already aware of the secret RC-XD route outside the map, which takes you to either side of the spawn.

Well, the route returns in Nuketown '84 and in this guide we will show you where you can find it. As you know, there are two houses on either side of the main middle street. The back garden of these houses are your spawns in Nuketown '84 (or any other Nuketown).

There is a green and a yellow house. If you spawn on the yellow house side, then check the far right side of the back garden by the swing. You will see a wooden fence, and just at the very bottom of the fence will be a hole big enough to drive your RC-XD through.

Once you go through the hole, you can follow the track and give your RC-XD a boost to jump over the ramp and come out of the other side, which is the green house's garden.

Similarly, if you spawn on the green house side, then your RC-XD will be to your left by the shelter/bunker.

You can choose your RC-XD scorestreak like you choose any other scorestreak from your main menu. It costs you 800 points to deploy it in-game. This is a good way to get some easy kills as your enemies won't expect to get blown into pieces by a toy car.


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