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Free Chrysalax Wonder Weapon Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The new Chyrsalax wonder weapon introduced in Forsaken originates from the Dark Aether itself. This wonder weapon acts as both a melee weapon called the Chrysalax Savager and an assault rifle called the Chyrsalax Storm.

There are multiple ways to obtain this wonder weapon: the Der Eisendrache arcade machine game, the Bubby easter egg, the trials, and the easiest guaranteed method, which is the Chrysalax wonder weapon easter egg.

This guide shows you how you can complete the Chrysalax easter egg and get it in Forsaken.

Video Guide

Step 1 - Lift Lockdown & Initiating Cutscene

The first step is to lift the lockdown (turn the power on) and initiate the first cutscene of the main quest easter egg. Check out our guide on how you can turn on the power and activate the pack-a-punch machine here.


After turning on the power, you need to press the red button by the shutters in the observation tower. This will initiate a cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, you may proceed with collecting three different crystal types needed to build the Chrysalax wonder weapon.

Step 2 - Energetic Geode

The first crystal is called an Energetic Geode, and you can obtain it from one of the regular aether crystals found around the map.

To get the Energetic Geode, make your way to the Board Room. You need to get to the Board Room as an abomination always spawns here right after initiating the cutscene.

The abomination always does two types of attack - a charge attack and a laser beam attack. Lure the abomination to shoot one of the purple aether crystals using his laser beam attack.

If done correctly, the purple crystal will drop an Energetic Geode, which you can pick up. That is your first crystal for the wonder weapon.

Step 3 - Polymorphic Crystal Core

The second one is called the Polymorphic Crystal Core. For this one, you need to make your way to Jim's Donuts on Main Street and progress through two rounds.

You need to progress through two rounds, starting from the round you initiated the cutscene on. We initiated the cutscene on round 6, so we needed to reach round 8 for this next step.

Once you've progressed through two rounds, you will notice a meteor fall in Jim's Donut.

Enter Jim's Donuts, and you will see the Polymorphic Crystal Core but with a shield around it, preventing you from picking it up.

Approach the crystal and stand directly in it to spawn elite zombies. Two types of elites will spawn, tempests and mimics.

Kill the elite zombies, and the shield around the Polymorphic Crystal Core will be destroyed. You can now pick up the crystal. That's your second crystal.

Step 4 - Tempered Crystal Heart

The final piece is called the Tempered Crystal Heart, which can be obtained from one of the tormentor zombies.

First, you need to buy the flamethrower scorestreak from the crafting bench, which costs 100 high-grade salvage.

Then you need to wait for one of the tormentors to spawn in. As soon as one spawns, use your flamethrower to kill it.

The tormentor will drop the Tempered Crystal Heart, which you can pick up.

Step 5 - Building Chrysalax

Now that you've acquired all the crystals to build the wonder weapon, make your way to the particle accelerator room by the amplifier room in the bunker.

You will see a small tub with aether liquid inside of it.

Interact with the tub to put all the crystals inside the aether liquid.

The tub now becomes a soul box, and you need to get ten melee zombie kills near the tub, which will send their souls into the tub.

After the tenth kill, the Chrysalax will be built, and it will rise from the tub. You can then collect the wonder weapon.

And that is how you can get your hands on the Chrysalax wonder weapon guaranteed.

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