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Hacking Still Major Issue In Call Of Duty: Warzone Despite Ban Wave

Call of Duty: Warzone players continue to clamor for stronger anti-cheat measures in the game as Activision's efforts seemingly do little to stem the tide of hackers ruining matches.

Following multiple cease and desist letters shutting down the sale of Warzone hacks from providers, as well as increased verification required for play, cheater numbers seemingly haven't even been dented based on reports showing up on community platforms.

Kicking off Season 6 with a bang, Activision reportedly banned over 20,000 accounts on Monday after the automatic anti-cheat system in Warzone was updated to detect a new kind of third party software, distributed by EngineOwning, developers of paid cheat services in popular multiplayer games.

Some streamers were banned live, on-air (LOL). The distributors of the cheat have officially marked it as detected on their site, and their forums are full with butthurt, disgruntled customers demanding refunds. Hopefully a cease and desist letter will force them to shut down soon.


Unfortunately this one battle hasn't yet won the war, as hacking in general is still prevalent in the game with many players renewing calls for stronger measures to combat the phenomenon. Hacking has been a problem in Warzone practically since the beginning, and while things aren't quite as bad as they used to be, the issue continues to ruin matches for millions of players every day.

Previous attempts to decrease numbers, like implementing mandatory phone authentication, weren't enough to bring about a definitive end to cheating.

Being highly popular among content creators, Warzone gets streamed to millions of viewers daily, with even more being racked up through persistent videos. This also means that the sad state of the game in terms of fair play is being constantly broadcast to a huge viewership, which hardly reflects well on Activision. Considering how close we are to the release of Black Ops - Cold War, which will also be tied to Warzone, one would think solving such a visible issue would be more of a priority.

A cursory Google search will already spit out dozens of websites openly advertising and selling Call of Duty: Warzone cheats, with business info on display, making them easy targets for the legal teams of a corporation as huge and well funded as Activision-Blizzard. One can assume that the morass of international law would make such processes somewhat tough, but even accounting for that we'd expect a larger scale attack using cease and desist letters, considering their successful track record so far.

Downsights will be keeping an eye on developments, and we'll report any progress made against cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Aron Gerencser
Aron has been playing FPS games on PC for as long as he can remember. While he prefers single-player titles, the occasional battle royale doesn't hurt and Call of Duty: Warzone is Aron's go-to. When not writing in-depth guides or covering the latest news about the game, he's probably editing - or dropping into Verdansk. You can also find Aron on Facebook.


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