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How To Get Free Exclusive Godzilla vs. Kong Calling Cards In Warzone

You can do many new things to prepare for the arrival of the centuries-old rival monsters to Caldera. Operation Monarch will allow Warzone players to witness the titans duke it out on the battleground of Caldera. There are already reports of unusual sightings on the map.

In addition to the sightings, you can also get some free goodies to celebrate this event. Warzone has launched a dedicated website called MonsterVerse for the purpose of giving players exclusive event-related rewards. When we say rewards, we mean three new calling cards. These in-game calling cards will serve as a memento for the epic battle to come.

This guide shows you how to redeem the free Godzilla vs. Kong x Warzone calling cards. This is useful for free-to-play players not looking to spend money on the event-related operator bundles.

How To Get Free Godzilla vs. Kong Calling Cards

Follow the steps below to redeem your free exclusive calling cards.

  1. Go to MonsterVerse website.

  2. Enter your active e-mail address and click on the subscribe button.

  3. Check your e-mail for a 13-digit redeem code. If you do not see it in your regular inbox, try the “promotions” or “spam” categories.

  4. Go to and log in with your Activision account (or, depending on which platform you play on).

  5. Enter your redeem code and submit to claim your three exclusive in-game calling cards

Once done, you can enter your game and equip the newly claimed calling cards. You get three calling cards which are as follows:

  • "Team Godzilla" Calling Card
  • "Monarch Operative" Calling Card
  • "Team Kong" Calling Card

So, which team are you representing? Equip the respective calling card to let it do the talking for you! Operation Monarch goes live at 9 AM PT on May 11, 2022.


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