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How To Level Up Your Weapons Fast In Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard has a wide variety of weapons with many attachments to go with them. One of the most interesting things is the addition of two more attachment slots instead of the standard eight that we've seen in Modern Warfare (2019) and Black Ops Cold War.

Having more attachments and attachment slots allows you to build your weapon in many ways, hence making attachments in Vanguard one of its primary focuses. This is why everyone is constantly leveling up their favorite weapons, so they can use the gun to its full potential.

Each weapon can be ranked up to level 70 and has over 200 unique attachments to choose from. Now, as you can imagine, leveling up your weapon takes a long time in Vanguard. And, it can be extremely tedious if you're playing multiplayer as the XP rates are not predictable, given you can sometimes have an excellent game and a terrible game. Each weapon requires 150,000 XP to max it out fully.


However, there is a way to cut that time into almost half if you play the Zombies mode. That's right. Indeed, Vanguard Zombies didn't have much to offer in terms of content, but it is an excellent way to level up your weapons. But, that should also be done in an optimized way to ensure you are getting the maximum possible XP in the shortest time possible.

The way you can level up your weapon in Zombies is straightforward and requires you to get just 35 kills, exit the game, and restart. While it may sound super simple, it is also a very monotonous process but much faster than sitting through the regular multiplayer games. But, the kills you get should not be with the gun by shooting the zombies. Instead, you must get all the kills by meleeing the zombies. Meleeing the zombies gives more weapon XP.

Here are the steps you must go through to level up your weapon quicker.

  1. Set your loadout with the weapon you wish to upgrade.
  2. Go into a solo game of Der Anfang.
  3. At Spawn (Stalingrad), melee the zombies that spawn in the area. Usually, 6-10 zombies can spawn here, and the numbers are always random. But, a minimum of 6 is guaranteed.
  4. Once done, go through one of the portals with the 'Harvest' objective. It is good for getting more kills as it doesn't have any time restrictions, and the zombies will constantly spawn in.
  5. Keep meleeing the zombies until you've killed 35 zombies. You can also kill one more to make it 36 for extra measure.
  6. Once killed, exit the game, start another solo game and repeat the process.

Make sure when you're meleeing the zombies, you've equipped the weapon you want to upgrade, which should be the case by default, but in case you pick up another weapon, switch back to the one you are upgrading.

You can expect to get up to 950 XP per 36 kills without a double weapon XP token or event. But, with a double weapon XP token, you can earn up to two or three levels in a single game of solos with 35 kills, given your weapon level is very low (for instance, level 1-5). You can expect to get up to 1,800 XP per 36 kills with double weapon XP.

We tried upgrading two weapons - one without the double weapon XP and the other with the double weapon XP. And the following are the results for five games played as a solo player.

Without Double Weapon XP

Weapon used: Volkssturmgewehr

You can get an average of 922 XP without the double weapon XP.

Game (Solo) Weapon Level Kills (Melee) XP Earned
1 2 36 939
2 4 36 947
3 5 36 842
4 6 36 947
5 8 36 936

With Double Weapon XP

Weapon used: SVT-40

You can get an average of 1,689 XP with the double weapon XP.

Game (Solo) Weapon Level Kills (Melee) XP Earned
1 3 36 1,544
2 6 36 1,824
3 9 36 1,640
4 11 36 1,838
5 12 36 1,598

As you can see from the above tables and the results, you can earn weapon XP significantly faster with double weapon XP active. We recommend always taking full advantage whenever you have double XP events during the weekends. You can even use the tokens if you have some to spare. In just five games, you can earn up to 8 weapon levels. If you have double weapon XP, then you can achieve up to 12 weapon levels.

It is also worth noting that the overall XP required to advance to the next level also increases by reaching a certain milestone. This means that the cumulative XP needed to reach the next level increases. The level scaling is as follows:

  • Level 1-10 - 625 XP (10 * 625)
  • Level 10-20 - 1,250 XP (10 * 1,250)
  • Level 20-30 - 1,875 XP (10 * 1,875)
  • Level 30-60 - 2,500 XP (30 * 2,500)
  • Level 60-67 - 3,750 XP (7 * 3,750)
  • Level 67-68 - 5,000 XP (1 * 5,000)
  • Level 68-69 - 6,250 XP (1 * 6,250)

The above totals up to 150,000 XP.

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