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How to Turn on Power & Pack-A-Punch Machine in Forsaken (Black Ops Cold War Zombies)

The final cold war zombies map, Forsaken, is here. Forsaken is a unique and interesting map connecting several areas of the map through portals. The very start of the map itself is entirely different from the rest of the maps.

This guide shows you how you can turn on the power and get access to the pack-a-punch machine on this map.

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Turning on power

Unlike the previous maps, turning on the power on this one requires a bit of work. The first thing you notice as soon as you spawn into the spawn area of the map is the constant and fast round skips.


As soon as you spawn in the staging area of the map, you need to go to the indicated portal and press the button for a survival timer to start. The rounds will still keep progressing, but you don't have to worry about it for now.

Let the timer finish and as it does that, take this moment to kill some zombies and earn points. You need a total of about 8,000 points to open up relevant map locations and turn on the power.

Once the timer ends, keep killing zombies and earn points until the end of round 4 and go through the portal to reach the checkpoint area. Once you're through the portal, the rounds will stop skipping.

You will notice the Jugger-Nog machine in the checkpoint area, and here the rest of the zombies will spawn. You can knife the zombies to maximize your points and earn up to 8,000 to 10,000 points depending on the double-point power-ups and the critical kills you get.

Once you have enough points, make your way up the stairs and unlock the door using 500 points. Go through, and you will end up on the main street.

From here, you can either take a left or right. It doesn't matter. Either one will take you to the teleporter on the roof. You will need to spend 750 points to open either side. We are taking the left side.

When you reach the rooftop, you will come across another locked door which you can open for 750 points to access the portal to the video store rooftop in Anytown.

When you reach the video store rooftop, you will notice three different marked locations which can be taken to reach another portal at the end of the town.

You can take whatever route you want. All of them will cost the same 1,000 points to open the locked door. In this guide, we went through the Cinema, which is the leftmost route.

Keep moving forward and following the on-screen indicator to reach the teleporter.

When you get to the teleporter, you will notice that it is broken and you need to find four repair parts to fix it. There are four locations with three possible spawn points within each location.

The four items are the fryer cage, Focusing Lens, Cathode-Ray Tube, and Circuit Board.

Fryer Cage Locations

The Fryer Cage can be found inside the first location, the Burger Town restaurant and the following are the three spawn locations inside the restaurant.

Spawn Location 1

Under the flag on the trash bin in the corner of the restaurant.

Spawn Location 2

Inside the glass case on the counter by the cash register.

Spawn Location 3

On the stove by the cola machine behind the counter.

Focusing Lens Locations

The second item is called the Focusing Lens and can be found inside the Cinema. The following are the three possible spawn locations.

Spawn Location 1

Behind the counter in the glass showcase.

Spawn Location 2

On the corner bench by the exit door to the left.

Spawn Location 3

On one of the two mannequins sitting on the bench by the exit door to the right.

Cathode-Ray Tube

Cathode-Ray Tube can be found inside the TV Store, and it can be found in one of the following three spawn locations.

Spawn Location 1

On the metal table in the corner by the zombie barrier.

Spawn Location 2

On the shelf in between the TVs behind the counter.

Spawn Location 3

On the shelf in front of the counter.

Circuit Board Locations

The circuit board can be found inside the video store storage area.

Spawn Location 1

On a crate under the stairs.

Spawn Location 2

On a crate by the exit door.

Spawn Location 3

On a shelf by the wall.

Once you have all four parts, make your way back to the teleporter and hold your interact button to build the portal to the bunker.

When you get to the bunker, make your way to the end of the hallway and unlock the door to the amplifier room.

Go to the end of the amplifier room to get to another portal. When you reach this portal, an abomination will spawn. This is a new elite zombie type introduced on this map.

You must kill this zombie to be able to teleport through the portal. The color of the portal will be red, which indicates you cannot pass through it.

Aim for one of its heads whenever the mouth glows purple for maximum damage to kill the abomination.

Note that you can kill the regular zombies to focus on the abomination. Killing the regulars won't skip the round.

The abomination does a charge attack and a laser beam attack. Whenever it does that, take cover and repeat the same until it is dead.

After killing the abomination, you will notice that the portal's color has now changed from red to purple.

You can go through the portal to reach the observation tower.

You need to press the indicated button to lift the lockdown and turn on the power in the tower.

Pack-A-Punch Machine

The pack-a-punch machine is directly behind the button you just pressed to lift the lockdown in the same tower. Yup, it's that simple. You've already done enough to reach the observation tower, which is more than enough work for both the power and the pack-a-punch machine.

Radioactive Damage

The observation tower is filled with radioactive crystals, and you will start taking damage after a while. The zombies do not spawn in the observation tower, but you cannot stay here for too long. You can use one of the ziplines to exit, or take the portal back to the bunker whenever you're done with your work here.

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