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How To Turn On Power & Pack-A-Punch Machine On Mauer Der Toten - Cold War Zombies

Although it is quite easy to follow the on-screen instructions to turn on the power and pack-a-punch machine, it can be confusing to navigate Berlin's narrow tunnels and streets in Mauer Der Toten.

This guide shows you how to reach the power room to turn on the power, followed by activating the pack-a-punch machine in Mauer Der Toten. If you would like to know the locations of all the perk machines on the map, check out our complete location guide here.

We also have an accompanying video guide for your visual reference.

Video Guide

Turning On Power

You will spawn on the apartment rooftops.


You have the choice of two routes to take from here, and both of them lead to the same power room with the flip switch to turn on the power. You'll need exactly 6,500 points to reach the power room.

The first route is the zip line from the 5th Floor Apartments (directly underneath spawn) to the Hotel Room 301. The purple arrows indicate the route you need to take in order to reach the power room.

The second route is on the Apartment Rooftops that take you directly to the Destroyed Penthouse. This is the route that we have taken in this guide.

You will have another zip line to the left when you reach the penthouse, taking you to Korber Rooftop.

When you reach the Korber Rooftop, take the stairs leading down to the Garment Factory.

When you're inside the Garment Factory, turn left, and you will come across another locked door that leads to another set of stairs called Factory Stairway.

Take the stairs and descend into an Alley that will eventually lead you to East Berlin Street.

As you come out to the street, you will find a subway. While approaching the subway, a Tempest will spawn. Kill the Tempest and it will drop one of the two fuses needed to turn the power on. The Tempest spawns near the Military Tent.

Continue going into the subway and across the second train platform after crossing the train tracks at the Ghost Station.

When you are on the second platform, another locked door next to the Mule Kick perk machine takes you to the Switch Control Room.

Enter the room, and you will come across a broken wall taking you to the Maintenance Tunnel.

As soon as you go through them, turn left and enter the Power Room. Inside the Power Room, you will find a red flip switch, similar to how the classic zombies' map has.

When you flip the switch for the first time, it will revert to its original state and open a panel beside it. This panel has two empty slots where the fuses go.

We already have one fuse from the Tempest and we need to get another one. The game automatically marks the locations where the Tempests spawn. Follow the on-screen indicators to reach the location and a Tempest will spawn.

Eliminate the Tempest to get the second fuse and return to the power room.

Now, you can insert the fuses into the empty slots and turn the power on.

The power should be back and all the lights turned on. Mauer Der Toten definitely has an eerie vibe coupled with beautiful ambient surroundings. If you are an OG zombies fan, you can relate this to one of the classic zombies' maps - Shadows Of Evil.

Pack-A-Punch Machine

Continue moving forward past the Elemental Pop perk machine and enter the Sewer Access. Turn right, and you will come across a rope that you can rappel up to reach West Berlin Street.

You will notice some glowing zombies floating around the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Interact with the Pack-A-Punch machine to summon the Disciple. The Disciple floats around and controls the zombies making them stronger than the regular zombies.

You do not have to worry about the regular or buffed zombies. Focus on killing the Disciple, and the rest of the zombies will fall as soon as the Disciple is eliminated.

Once the Disciple is eliminated, the Pack-A-Punch machine will be available to use throughout the entirety of your gameplay from this point onwards.

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  1. When I played no tempest spawns as I approach the subway. So I spent like 4 rounds tryna get that tempest to appear and it didn’t spawn a tempest until AFTER I reached the switch. So now it’s round 9 and going to retrieve the fuses and do all these prep-steps for the EasterEgg got me swarmed while being shot at by a tempest and caused me to go down while reloading cause this guide got me all fucked up and confused for 3/4 rounds. They obviously ether patched that first tempest spawning or something.

    1. I'm not sure why the tempest didn't spawn for you, but I just tried it, and the tempests spawned for me on this map without reaching the switch. I am talking about the first tempest, as mentioned in the guide. I am on the latest version of the game.

      I've never tried approaching the underground tempest before reaching the switch, it is possible that one doesn't spawn until you interact with the switch.

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