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Keycards And Playlists Leaked For Call Of Duty: Warzone

Dataminers might have caught a glimpse of what is coming for Call of Duty: Warzone in the near future by digging out info about playlists from the game's code. Additionally, new unexplained access cards have been discovered, but nobody is sure what the are used for.

Warzone has had a bit of a rough ride when it comes to playlists. Activision and Infinity Ward planned on rotating every game mode in and out periodically, but the players have had different ideas.

After Trios was phased out unexpectedly, the explosive backlash forced the developers to bring it back, so now we've reached a point where the wackier playlists are rotating alongside a few mainstays.

Several of the leaked playlists have descriptions attached, detailing what exactly the new game modes involve. Dataminers have also found additional playlist names that lack any kind of description, so we'll just have to guess.

The eight playlists with descriptions are as follows:

  • Classic BR – No Cash, Contracts, Gulags, loadouts, or respawns
  • Mo Gulag Mo Problems – Dead players go to Gulag until final 3 circles, no buybacks
  • BYOL – Bring your own loadout, start with your loadout
  • Non Stop – Gas always closing
  • PewPew – High damage pistols and explosive physics
  • Run Like Hell – Circle is faster than a running player
  • Bottom Line – When a player dies they will drop back into the fight if they have enough cash on them
  • them. Gulag disabled
  • Realism – Minimal HUD

Five more were also uncovered, this these have names only:

  • Infinite Gulag
  • Most Wanted
  • One shot
  • Stimulus
  • Inflation Redeployment

We're guessing that Infinite Gulag means you aren't limited to one match/chance, Most Wanted is likely a permanent Bounty contract lasting for the whole match and One Shot probably limits ammunition. What do you think the other playlists will involve?

Players have been finding the occasional Red Access Card in Warzone recently, with no clue as to what the card helps them access. Dataminers have also discovered that Blue and Green variants will also be added to the game shortly, and are related to the mysterious bunkers scattered across Verdansk. Hopefully soon we'll learn what these cards are for - and what the bunkers hide.


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Aron Gerencser
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