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King Kong smashes an innocent parachuting player

Operation Monarch has been an exciting new adrenaline-rushed event for the players of Warzone. As unusual as it may be, it has certainly allowed a lot of players to capture some of the funniest moments interacting with the two Titans.

And as immersive and fun as it may seem, finding yourself in the middle of two ancient titans duking it out isn’t the safest option. While you can shoot either one of the titans for useful game-changing rewards, getting too close can be a bit dangerous.

This was demonstrated as one such player experienced the wrath of Kong and shared it over on Reddit. A Reddit user who goes by the name u/beepbeepblooop shared footage wherein he is admiring the hectic battle-ridden environment of Caldera as he parachutes down to the safety of Peaks.

Unfortunately for him, the sight of beauty turned into a sight of horror as King Kong turned his face and leaped effortlessly in his direction. This eliminated the player who could do nothing but wait to respawn.


My first time trying out this event. from CODWarzone

As expected, Kong is not the only one who loves trolling. The players found it amusing and took it upon themselves to pass on comments in line with trending meme formats.

In another instance, players are using Kong’s testicles for XP gain. He might be an aggressive titan, but he can also help you. However, it comes with a greater risk of getting squished by the goliath.

As the old saying goes, “the bigger the risk, the greater the reward.” Why not give it a try yourself?


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