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Leaked Perks For Zombies and Multiplayer - Black Ops Cold War

It seems that some past Call of Duty game, fan-favorite perks (from both Zombies & multiplayer) will be making their return to Black Ops Cold War very soon. There have been some major leaks recently that suggest the return of several notable perks.

Multiplayer Perks

First, let's talk about the multiplayer leaked perks. A well known and consistent data miner named TheGhostOfMW2 has dug into the game files and found two new perks.

The yellow perk icon could either be Lightweight or Marathon. Lightweight allows you to sprint faster, while Marathon allows you to sprint indefinitely without stopping. Given that sprint is already "unlimited" in Black Ops Cold War, we are highly unlikely to get Marathon as it won't be of any use.

On the other hand, Lightweight has a high possibility of returning, and is one of the signature perks of the Black Ops franchise. The icon itself speaks for itself, having wings on a boot. That shouts Lightweight like no other!

The red perk icon on the right, with a knife surrounded by snakes, has got many confused as to what perk it could be. There are two perks we can think of: Last Standing and Team Link. Last Standing gives downed players a pistol to use as they are bleeding to death (if not killed instantly by the enemy player). Team Link allows you to see your teammates through the walls, in addition to an increased fog of war (mini-map vision).

There is further speculation that the red perk icon could be the Quick Fix perk. Quick Fix reduces health regeneration delay and doubles the health regeneration rate whenever the player carries out objectives such as capturing a flag or holding a hill in Hardpoint.

It is still unclear whether or not these will be added to the game. But given the history of some of these perks being in the previous Black Ops games, their chances of being in the game in the near future are high.

Zombies Perks

We also got some more leaks suggesting the return of signature Zombies' perks, which include Double Tap (increases rate of fire), Mule Kick (allows the player to carry three weapons at once), PhD (Nullifies self-inflicted damage), and Tombstone (drops a tombstone where you die, preserving your perks and held weapons). The launch map Die Maschine only included six perks: Jugger-Nog, Quick Revive, Stamin-Up, Deadshot Daquiri, Elemental Pop, and Speed Cola.

A Youtuber named FireMonkey 2 posted a video showcasing the Dark Aether variants of all the perk jingles in the game. What's interesting is that the video showcases not only the six perks currently in the game but also the jingles of the aforementioned perks: Double Tap, Mule Kick, PhD, and Tombstone.

Fans have been asking for Double Tap and Mule Kick the most ever since the launch of Die Maschine. It won't be a surprise if some of these perks (if not all) are released with the upcoming Zombies DLC for Black Ops Cold War.


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