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Leaks Suggests Next Zombies' Map Set In Vietnam

Black Ops Cold War released with the least amount of launch content for Zombies this year, with Die Maschine as the only map available to play. There were many leaks before the release of the game that suggested three Zombies maps at launch.

The three supposed maps were Die Maschine, Firebase Z, and Nacht Der Untoten Survival Map. We've already received Die Maschine but no Firebase Z or Nacht Der Untoten. Yes, we have seen Nacht Der Untoten's revised version within Die Maschine, but the leak suggested a standalone Nacht Der Untoten, like the classic World at War map that Zombies veterans will be familiar with.

A leaker who goes by the name The CheeseBurger Boys on Twitter shared some fascinating information regarding the cut content. He claimed that the Die Maschine main easter egg was originally supposed to take players to the original standalone Nacht Der Untoten but was cut, as we can see in the game's final build. This was possibly due to the map being released as a DLC, which we still have to see.


He further added that there were originally supposed to be 5 tiers per skill upgrades instead of the current 3 that we have in the game. This could very well be added in the future, via new DLC, as we get more seasons. Some more perk information suggested that the Mule Kick was under development. And it wouldn't be a surprise to see it as this perfectly aligns with the recent leak that played the Dark Aether variant of the perk machine jingles, including the missing perks Double Tap, Mule Kick, PhD, and Tombstone.

Remember that this was during the game's alpha stages, and we have now reached the final build. Further evidence confirms the return of these four perks is the empty slots that can be seen on the Wonderfizz machine perk machine on top of Nacht Der Untoten.

Now, coming to the latest leaks suggesting that the new Zombies map could be set in Vietnam in an old firebase. Several early leaks together with the new ones suggest that the name of the new Zombies map is going to be Firebase Z. As mentioned above, there were supposed to be three maps at launch, but only one of them was released, Die Maschine. Firebase Z and the standalone Nacht Der Untoten were not released with it.

Currently, there is 59 Pre-season Intel that can be collected in Die Maschine. However, another well-known data miner who goes by the name Nanikos on Twitter has found some that are supposed to be added in Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War. He found four total Intel (3 Omega Intel and 1 Requiem Intel).

One of the Omega Intel is quite interesting as it says that the KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group facility has been established outside District Capital Khe Sanh. The Intel is also signed by Dr. William Peck, who we can see as a spectral reflection in Die Maschine.

Also, if you read the Intel subject line, it reads "Operatsiya [REDACTED]." This can easily be linked back to the Intel called 'G Cipher,' which is dropped when you kill the Megaton mini-boss in Die Maschine.

The cipher was solved by u/RichKiller on Reddit, and the cipher translates to:

Attention K:
P confirms viability of deployment. Opportunity identified in previous communique.
Selected site is approved for trial run of Operatsiya inversiya.
The nature of warfare is about to transform. Any mission, anytime, anyplace.

If you notice the second paragraph, it reads, "Selected site is approved for trial run of Operatsiya Inversiya." This is matching with the new leaked Intel's subject line "Operatsiya [REDACTED]." So, it is safe to assume that the redacted word is "Inversiya." Operatsiya Inversdia means Operation Inversion.

The "coincidence" does not just stop there. We have even more evidence and clues that screams "Zombies in Vietnam." If you remember Zombies' opening cinematic scene, Grigori Weaver is sitting by some computer screens monitoring the locations where the outbreak might have occurred.

There are four different locations seen on the screens, and one of them is in the hearts of Vietnam, as first pointed out by Glitching Queen on Youtube. She overlayed the computer screen image with the real Khe Sanh location, and it matched perfectly. What's even more interesting is that Khe Sanh was an actual combat base during the Vietnam War.

The next bit is going to stir your pot even more. This is for all the classic Shi No Numa map fans. During the campaign mission 'Fracture Jaw,' the players come across a real-life inspired base called Firebase Ripcord. You can only get a good look at the base when in the helicopter. Interestingly, a player recently uploaded a video of themself exploring the base as they glitched out of the mission.

Here's the fun bit, while exploring, they came across an asset that was previously used in Shi No Numa. It is the sign that says "Doctor's Quarter" with the same font and style.

Here's what it looked like in the original World at War Shi No Numa zombies map.

Of course, they could have used the assets just to fill in the gap. But, this much detail couldn't just be a coincidence or for "filling" purposes. This firebase could be the new map or a revised version of the Shi No Numa map, similar to how we got a revised version of Nacht Der Untoten in Die Maschine.

The question now is when can we expect to see the next DLC map for Cold War Zombies? Currently, there is no set date, but many are expecting to see it in early 2021. The new season doesn't promise any new map as the roadmap also says new "zombies mode" but not content or map.

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