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All The Major Weapon Changes in Black Ops Cold War Since Launch

There has been a lot of weapon tuning ever since the beta version of the Cold War. Even after launch, we've received some major changes, especially to the weapons. Here are all the changes that have been made to the weapons in the Black Ops Cold War from launch to November 20, 2020.

Weapon Changes

  • Assault Rifles
    • FFAR1
      • Increased Recoil.
      • Slightly reduced max damage by 3.5% (28 to 27).
      • Reduced max damage range by 34% (38m to 25m).
  • Submachine Guns
    • Submachine Gun Alpha (MP5)
      • Reduced base effective damage range by 33% (15.24m to 10.16m).
      • Added more character to initial recoil by tweaking several bullet trajectories. (While this doesn’t affect the vertical/horizontal control stats in Gunsmith, this change makes it more difficult to stay on target by adjusting the trajectories of several bullets in the initial firing experience.)
  • Tactical Rifles
    • M16
      • Reduced max damage range by 15% (25.4m to 21.59m).
      • Increased sprint to fire time.
      • Slightly slowed move speed while firing.
      • Slightly increased delay between bursts.
      • Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
      • Slightly reduced effectiveness of laser attachments.
    • Tactical Rifle Charlie (AUG)
      • Reduced max damage range by 20% (38.1m to 30.48m).
      • Increased sprint to fire time.
      • Slightly slowed move speed while firing.
      • Slightly increased delay between bursts.
      • Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
      • Slightly reduced effectiveness of laser attachments.
    • Type 63
      • Slightly increased fire rate.
      • Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
    • DMR 14
      • Slightly increased fire rate.
      • Rebalanced fire rate bonuses on barrel attachments.
  • Light Machine Guns
    • M60
      • Improved max damage ranges.
      • Improved movement speeds.
  • Sniper Rifles (All)
    • Adjusted Sprint to Fire times to account for early blend/interruption allowed via animation system.
      • The effective Sprint to Fire time is notably shorter than what is displayed in Gunsmith. We have plans to address the Gunsmith readout in a future update.
    • Adjusted movement speed impact when firing to intended values to make each shot feel more powerful.
    • Fine-tuned barrel attachments that improve idle sway to provide a unique feel on each gun.
  • Pistols
    • Magnum
      • Slightly improved fire rate.
      • Improved max damage range.
      • Improved visibility while firing after the first shot.
  • Shotguns
    • Shotgun Bravo (Gallo SA12)
      • Slightly reduced damage between ranges from 5.8m to 7.7m.


Assault Rifles

The FFAR 1 had an extremely low recoil with high damage and effectiveness. The Time-To-Kill (TTK) of FFAR 1 was very fast, and a much needed nerf has balanced that out. The overall damage range and max damage reduction are understandable, but the increased recoil is a lot to the point that people have stopped using the FFAR 1 completely.


During the beta and even on launch, the MP5 remained the deadliest SMG in Cold War. Considering it is an SMG intended to be used at close to medium range, this SMG could be used as a proper AR with the least amount of recoil. The new overall damage range reduction is perfectly reasonable for this deadly SMG. Even after several nerfs to the MP5 since beta, it still stands atop of all other SMGs even to this day.

Tactical Rifles

When it comes to the M16 and AUG, they have dominated the Tactical Rifle category, especially the M16. It's rate of fire, damage, and overall mobility were OP. The M16 nerf shouldn't come as a surprise if you have been playing Black Ops Cold War. This gun shredded, and the TTK was insane when killing enemy players with it. You could kill in a single burst sometimes from both the AUG and M16.


As mentioned, both these weapons' overall mobility has also reduced thanks to increased sprint to fire speed, slowed movement speed while firing, and increased delay between bursts. The delay between the bursts before this adjustment was almost non-existent. The almost non-existent delay between burst, increased rate of fire, and high max damage range? Yeah, that calls for some serious adjustments that have been made, thankfully.

No one was using the DMR 14 and Type 63 as they proved to be ineffective in front of the aforementioned tactical rifles. Both these tactical rifles received a slight buff in terms of fire rate, making them a bit more viable in the game.

Light Machine Guns

In the LMG category, the M90 was buffed where the max damage range was increased along with movement speed. In the game, the M90 didn't perform as well as it should have at range. This has been fixed.

Sniper Rifles

The Sniper Rifles got some animation adjustments, such as the sprint to fire animation where the players could quickly transition from the animation into the scope sight. The ADS time on the Sniper Rifles have been increased significantly ever since the beta, and this animation fix will make it even worse.

Some of the barrel attachments show fairly even results as far as the readable stats go. Fine-tuning the stats means showing better and more accurate stats when applying the barrel attachments that improve the idle sway of your Sniper Rifle.


The Magnum got some slight buffs, including improved fire rate and max damage range. In addition to that, we've got improved visibility when firing after the first shot. Sometimes when you shot with the Magnum, either the muzzle flash was too much, or it had quite a bit of visual recoil, making it harder for players to see the target. This has been fixed.


We can all agree that the shotguns in Black Ops Cold War are extremely powerful, especially the Gallo SA12. This shotgun could be used as a well-rounded "SMG" given how far it could shoot without any damage drop off.

The Gallo SA12 received a slight nerf where the damage between 5.8m and 7.7m was reduced, making it less OP.

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