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Modern Warfare 2 just ended the "biggest Call of Duty beta of all time"

It looks like Activision Blizzard really didn't have anything to worry about after Call of Duty started losing millions of players earlier this year.

According to a blog post on the Call of Duty website, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 set a new open beta record for most players, hours played, and matches played, which solidifies its place among the elite of the elite.

Infinity Ward will now spend the next few weeks preparing Modern Warfare 2 for a near-seamless launch on October 28.

Call of Duty fans enjoyed two full weeks of fun and non-stop action as Infinity Ward finally opened the doors to Modern Warfare 2. Although their first hands-on experience with the upcoming Call of Duty game wasn't always pleasant, fans seemed to be pleased just to get a chance to play a "proper" Call of Duty game. In the months leading up to its launch, the publisher had blamed the past two Call of Duty games for the franchise's current woes. It's safe to say that Modern Warfare 2 will, at the very least, live up to the expectations set by 2019's Modern Warfare.

Unfortunately, Infinity Ward didn't reveal specific metrics for the Call of Duty beta, so we'll have to take their word for it.


Having said that, there's no reason to doubt the numbers. Call of Duty was the talk of the town over the past two weeks as players across all consoles and platforms appear to have had their fill of the incoming shooter.

Modern Warfare 2 is believed to be the only new mainline Call of Duty game until 2024.

Infinity Ward made sure to thank players for all of their efforts by rewarding those who took part in the beta. Weekend one players who reached level 15 and weekend two players who reached level 30 will all receive free in-game cosmetics such as emblems, operator skins, weapon blueprints, and more. In addition, Infinity Ward also revealed that if you pre-order the Vault Edition, which retails at $99.99, you'll get a Red Team 141 Operator Pack, an FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, a season one battle pass, and 50 tier skips, on top of the MW2 campaign.

Finally, Infinity Ward announced in the blog post that Call of Duty: Mobile will come out by early next year after Modern Warfare 2 (October 28) and Warzone 2.0 (November 16).


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