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Modern Warfare 2 getting more changes ahead of October 28 launch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is all go right now following a highly successful open beta period. After posting the "biggest Call of Duty beta of all time", Infinity Ward will spend the next few weeks optimizing Modern Warfare 2 based on the feedback it received and other data gathered from the millions who participated.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will undergo further balance changes even before it comes out.

But, while it'd be impossible to list everything that Infinity Ward will fix, it let fans in on a couple of things that will change for Modern Warfare 2 ahead of its launch on October 28.

In a new blog post, Infinity Ward outlined all of its planned improvements for the next Call of Duty game over the next few weeks.

You have to admire how proactive Infinity Ward is with Modern Warfare 2.

Specifically, Infinity pointed out the "continued feedback on the volume of footsteps." The studio will balance the sound of the enemy and friendly footsteps in the meantime. On top of this, enemy visibility will also be a factor. It will continue refining visual tracking based on the positive feedback received from the initial adjustments. Finally, Infinity Ward confirmed certain mode changes. For example, Infinity Ward will improve the camera shoulder-swapping in the Third-Person playlist, among others. It also acknowledged that Ground War and Invasion maps are far from perfect with "many bugs to work through."


Infinity Ward also mentioned the lobby disbanding and better AI navigation in Invasion as candidates for tweaking, as it is still "actively looking for potential solutions" for the many issues raised during the open beta.

Going forward, Activision Blizzard will keep players in the loop "in the coming weeks" about its plans for dealing with cheaters and hackers. Infinity Ward's anti-cheat system appeared to be mostly absent throughout the beta as players flagged this as a rampant issue.


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