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Modern Warfare II will eventually add classic Modern Warfare 2 maps

As the year comes to a close, fans are starting to look forward to the last few big hitters of the year and few are as massive as Infinity Ward's upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

It will be interesting to see how awesome the classic Modern Warfare 2 maps will look with a modern touch.


All eyes are on Modern Warfare II after Activision Blizzard spent the past year hyping it up as the biggest Call of Duty installment yet. With less than two months to go before it comes out on October 28, we're starting to get a clearer picture of what kind of game it will be. In addition to official info from Infinity Ward and Activision Blizzard, dataminers and leakers are constantly feeding us intel about Modern Warfare II.

One, in particular, claims that the roadmap of Modern Warfare II includes iconic maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 such as Rust and Terminal.

Rumor has it that Activision Blizzard will support Modern Warfare II for over a year. This will effectively end the annual cycle of Call of Duty. It's a rather safe play to use already existing content and repurpose it for the new game. The older maps from MW2 are fan favorites that should be effective as a stop-gap measure between unique as well as original content for MWII.

There's a chance that Activision will confirm this rumor at the upcoming Call of Duty Next event on September 15.

There's a lot riding on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II after the franchise posted two straight relatively down years.

Regardless of whether we'll hear more about Modern Warfare II's Year 2 content less than two weeks from now or not, the showcase remains a must-watch. In addition to MWII, the controversial publisher is expected to reveal more info about other upcoming Call of Duty games such as Warzone Mobile and Warzone 2.0, among others.


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