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Nakatomi Plaza Coming To Call Of Duty: Warzone

We didn't think they would, but Activision went there - with tomorrow's mid-season update a pait of 80's action heroes are also being joined by an iconic location from one of their source movies. Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard is going to be an actual in-game location in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The building attacked by Hans Gruber in the legendary action flick that sparks debates about whether or not it is a Christmas movie to this day might look a little out of place in Verdansk, but it may be a better fit than you'd think. The real Fox Plaza building served as the Nakatomi location in Die Hard, and construction was completed in 1987. Since Verdansk recently got an 80's redesign, the architecture isn't too far a cry from the surroundings - though the postmodern design might stick out a bit amid all the Soviet brutalism.

Shown off in a trailer dedicated to the 80's Action Heroes update portion of the mid-season patch, players will be able to traverse the interior of Nakatomi Plaza, making it more than just a pretty addition to the Verdansk skyline.

We'll have to wait until the update actually drops to see just how detailed the interior is, but we can already see that several key scenes from the film are represented, and there will be multiple ways to enter as the building will feature ascenders on the outside.


Most importantly, it seems like players will be able to crawl through the Nakatomi Plaza ventilation system, which is absolutely the sort of easter egg we're here for. Bonus points if you do it while sporting the upcoming John McClane operator!

There is a whole lot more heading to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with the mid-season update aside of the two new (old?) poster boys - keep an eye out for our deep-dive in all the new content you can leap into starting tomorrow.


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Aron Gerencser
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