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New Black Ops Cold War Trailer Possibly Shows Warzone's Next Map

The second week of beta access for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is here, and with it comes a lot of new content that also includes a brand new game mode called 'Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.'

The game mode also includes a new map that is big enough for up to 40 players and features different vehicles, parachuting, last stand, and a lot more that are similar to the Warzone mechanics.

At the beginning of the trailer, we can see the same AC-130 as the one in Warzone, and players are seen jumping out of the plane and parachuting down. This 'large scale' game scenario is very much like the game modes we've already seen in Warzone, such as King Slayer and Warzone Rumble.

To put things into perspective, for instance, in Warzone Rumble, players are restricted to an area of the Warzone map that is just big enough for a 50 vs. 50 player team deathmatch. Similarly, in King Slayer, the circle keeps moving around a set area until the timer runs out and the team with the most kills win.

Regardless of where the location is set in any of these game modes, they are still part of the Warzone map and similarly, the new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode features a large-scale map that can house up to 40 players with squads of four players each (10 teams in total).

The setting of the map in a forest-like area is definitely something we've seen a lot of in Verdansk. This trailer and game mode is possibly showing us part of the new Warzone map that will be merged between Modern Warfare and the new Black Ops Cold War.

One final piece of evidence that this new map is part of a fresh Warzone map comes from Reddit data miners who analysed a leaked version of the new map. It shows the cinematic view of the map seen in the new Fireteam trailer and according to the miners, the name of the file is 'wz_startscreen.' The file has a slideshow of two Fireteam maps.


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Hassan Sajid

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