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New Leaks Reveal Warzone Mobile Gameplay & Verdansk Returning

Warzone for Call of Duty: Mobile has been in the works for quite some time, and we have our first look at what the portable version of the game looks like. Some new leaks have surfaced, showing us the gameplay of Warzone Mobile.

The rumors and news surrounding Waronze Mobile started in May when we got the confirmation that Warzone Mobile is codenamed 'Project Aurora' and was already in closed alpha. This was officially confirmed through a blog post Call of Duty posted.

With the launch of Apex Legends on mobile, Warzone Mobile aims to compete against it in the mobile gaming market. As if the anticipation of having access to Warzone on the go wasn't enough, the return of the original map, Verdansk, has really hyped up the fans even more.


This was confirmed by a new leak shared by a credible and known leaker, CoD_Perseus, on Twitter. He shared multiple in-game screenshots and gameplay footage. The screenshots have been taken down, but the gameplay footage is still out there. The video is shared over on Streamable.

The video shows over one and half minutes worth of Warzone Mobile gameplay footage. It shows the player landing on top of the SNK Broadcasting building, the tallest building in Downtown Verdansk. It was also popular among the campers and snipers. You also get to see a glimpse of the originally featured Gulag.

Many players have countless hours sunk into the game, especially during the pandemic's peak. The nostalgia of having Verdansk back is definitely one of the hype-contributing factors here. Also, judging by the forums and online petitions, it is clear that players love Verdansk.

The gameplay mechanics are the same as the Warzone on PC or consoles. If you've countless hours in Warzone, you won't have any issues adjusting to Warzone Mobile. Better yet, the familiar original Verdansk is coming back. The footage also looks like it is from an early game build.

This can also be confirmed by an on-screen caption that reads, "Currently in development – not representative of final quality." It is safe to assume the game is coming along quite well, considering its quality at such an early stage.

The launch date is still unknown, but Warzone Mobile is expected to release sometime in 2022. That means not long before we can have our hands on Warzone anywhere at any time.


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