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New POI changes are confirmed for Caldera with the return of Storage Town in Season 4

Storage Town has been one of the hottest drop zones in Verdansk, and it has only risen in popularity after players bid their farewells to Verdansk. With Warzone Pacific season 4 just a few days away, Call of Duty has shared new POI changes coming to Caldera.

The new Caldera Tac Map shared by Call of Duty also has some "micro-POIs," one of which seems to hint at the return of Storage Town in Caldera.

In a tweet by the official Call of Duty on June 15, 2022, we can see Storage Town's eagle view, which is the same as the one seen on Verdansk Tac Map.


You can see Storage Town in the eastern part of the map, which is awfully similar to the Storage Town seen in Verdansk. While most of the new POIs are highlighted with a yellow circle, several "micro-POIs," including Storage Town, are not. Call of Duty also replied to their own tweet, saying "Secured some extra loot. Anyone have any extra storage for us?" This clearly indicates Storage Town is returning to Caldera.

Many players are already requesting the return of Verdansk, but it does not look like it will be returning anytime soon unless you are going to play Warzone Mobile once it releases. In addition to Storage Town, visual fidelity has been a main issue for the longest time. The developers have taken note of players' concerns and reduced vegetation by 50% for better visibility, as tweeted.

Moreover, keeping with the theme of season 4, which revolves around gold and mercenaries, new secret underground Mercenary Vaults are being added to Caldera for more loot. These are just a few updates we've got from Call of Duty. More will be uncovered once season 4 drops on June 22, 2022.


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